Worst Week….

Ok it’s really the worst week that would have to go to the week I lost my job and my fiance confessed to a crime and went to jail (and I called off the engagement…DUH!)  back in 2004.  Although good things came out of that. I got a better job and I didn’t have to marry a convict!  LOL

This week I found out I have a broken thumb, my grandfather is dying and a tree fell in my yard and took out part of our fence! 

I can not see any good coming out of these three things!  LOL

I have been super busy at work and with personal stuff (see above).  I am going to finish my trip report from last year if it kills me though.  I don’t want to forget how wonderful our trip was.  I also don’t want to go on another trip without finishing the recapping of this last one!

It is so hard to type without being able to move my thumb or bend my wrist!  UGH!  It is making my day long and hard!

Yesterday I went to visit Alyssa…She is the brightness in my day for sure!


5 Responses to “Worst Week….”

  1. Ani Vuolo Says:

    So sorry things have been crappy lately.

  2. Susan Says:

    I’m sorry you’re having a rough go of things. I hope there’s a brighter day ahead. xoxo

  3. Michele Says:

    awww I hate that youve been having such a rough week. Hopefully things will be better next week. LOVE your trip reports. gets me excited to write OURS! yayayayyayay!

  4. shannon Says:

    I’m sorry this week is crappy. Hang in and chin up.

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