Day 7 – Cruise Day!!! November 5, 2009

We were so excited to start the cruise part of our vacation! I was up early and finished packing up any last minute items.

Our taxi was right on time at 9:15am and we headed off to Port Canaveral.

We got to the port around 10:30ish and went right to check in. It was smoth as usual. My sister and I got our rooms switched so that we could be next to each other. Since we booked Cat. 12 rooms we ended up with room assignements on differant ends of the ship. But once they switched us we were cneter ship and right next to each other! Perfect!

While I was taking care of that Alyssa met with some Characters.

She even made Captain Mickey get on his knees. LOL

Mickey left as soon as Alyssa was done her turn.

Someone was sooo sleepy! Must be nice to just nap anywhere huh?

We had to sit and wait maybe 15-20 minutes for our boarding number to be called. It was no where as nice as the No. 2 we got for being a wedding couple last year. I think we were in group 7 or 8.

In no time we were gettin gour pictures taken and heading onto the ship.

We had lunch in Parot Cay. I like it better then the buffet upstairs since they get you your drinks. One less thing to worry about carrying around.

After lunch we walked around a bit and then it was almost 1pm. We headed towards our rooms.

We would have unpacked some but we had no lugagge. Later that night we found our luggage in front of our old cabins. LOL

We had some Castaway Club goodies waiting for us.

Pete and I decided to go up to the deck and hang out for a while.

Pete got a iced coffee drink and we just relaxed. Laura and Brandon came up with Alyssa sleeping in the stroller and we were tossed out of the Cove area. Adults only. I love that Disney enforces this.

We got a table with some DIS cruisers that we met last year on our Disney Wedding Cruise. They are from Maryland too so we talked and visited for a while.

Then it was about time for the life boat drill….oh Joy…so Fun…NOT! It’s my least favorite part of the cruise.

Look how much my princess has grown in a year…..

Look who got stuck in the infant life jacket.

LOL…Soo funny!

After the life boat drill Pete and Brandon took the life jackets back to the room and Laura and I went up to save us seats for the sail away show.


One Response to “Day 7 – Cruise Day!!! November 5, 2009”

  1. Shannon Says:

    That picture of Alyssa kissing Mickey on the nose is the most precious thing I’ve ever seen! LOVE it! I can’t wait to go on another Disney cruise!

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