Day 7 – Cruise Day One – Part 3 or 4!!! November 5, 2009

Day one of the cruise was action packed!

After Dinner we went to the attrium to visit Mickey and Minnie! Mickey had left so we had to settle for Goofy! He kinda scares Alyssa, I think it’s because he is so tall.

She was teething the whole trip. Poor kid!

Goofy sat down and she crawled onto his lap. Guess he wasn’t so scary once he was more her size.

Minnie was next.

I think that they make the attrium dingy so you feel like you need to buy their pictures. LOL Next time I am bringing the big flash with me.

Yes my niece is kissing her reflection in the floor….LOL

We still had some time before our show so Pete and I went to deliver some of our fish extender Gifts. I made Mickey Ears for the cabin Doors!

We stopped by to check out the theature since Pete didn’t make it there during the wedding trip.

While we were delivering our prizes we ran into our cabin guy from the last cruise. He remembered us by name and asked how we were doing. He was working in the room we would have had if we didn’t switch to be closer to my sister. How odd is that!

We walked all over the ship! Some people had such decorated doors!

It was show time.

We got pretty good seats. I love the Golden Mickey’s! Alyssa did too!

At this point the show stopped…Something was wrong with the stage. We left instead of waiting for them to fix it. We all knew how it was going to end. LOL

We stopped to do some shopping before heading to Studio Sea.

We got to Studio Sea Early to get a table. We ordered some drinks and then they passed out numbers. I wanted my number called so bad! I knew I could win. LOL

MMm Lime….

My number never got called…I would have won too, I knew al the answers. At the end they picked a few numbers for door prises and Brandon got one.

Alyssa was enjoying the kids club while we enjoyed the game and the clubs.

We headed to Route 66 at this point for a while. I can’t remember what we did though.

Then it was back to the cabin for some much needed sleep!


One Response to “Day 7 – Cruise Day One – Part 3 or 4!!! November 5, 2009”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Y’all had an inside cabin this time? How was it? I sure do love reading your trip reports. You have the best pics. Gets me all excited each time! I can’t wait to go on another cruise!

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