If you have found me through Kristen’s link at www.couponingtodisney.com “Welcome”.  If you are one of my regular readers (Welcome back) I am guest blogging on Thursday and Friday for Couponing to Disney while Kristen is on vacation at DISNEY WORLD!

My Blog has been kind of slow for a few months.  I have been super busy.  Recently I decided I wanted a Travel Blog to keep track of my trips and stuff.  I worked on this over last weekend and I am working on getting it all organized.

I have only a few of my Trip Reports organized so far.  I am working on moving the reports from all of my travels to my new travel Blog.  You can find the new Travel Blog at www.lisastripreports.wordpress.com , or you can click the link at the top marked Vacation Trip Reports.  

I love all things Disney, si I started with some of those trip reports.  I love Disney so much I became a Travel Agent before planning my Disney Wedding, I specialize in Disney Vacations.  If you have any Disney Travel questions or would like a quote on a magical vacation email me at TripsbyLisa@gmail.com  and I would be more than happy to help!!


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