The Scariest day of my life!!

So this weekend my Dad and I went to Ocean City for “work weekend”. This is the weekend that all of the condo owners get together and do work on the condos. There are 8 in the building. So we worked most of the day Saturday. I had a nice 2.5 hour nap in there. Around 5:30pm my Dad came in and interupted my book reading on the back deck and asked me if I had talked to Laura. I told him yeah a while ago. He told me she just called and Alyssa fell at the park. I wasn’t alarmed and either was he, she is always falling and my sister has the flair for the dramatic. LOL

They were all at the park playing and near the lake they were looking at the water and Brandon said to Alyssa, “come look at this snake int he water”. Alyssa came running and tripped down the cement incline. She landed flat on her face, not a single scratch on her hands or knees. Full face plant! They calmed her down and checked out her injuries. The decided to take her to the hospital. My sister called the fire station near the park (it was in the county she works in) trying to get her friend who was on the medic unit. With no luck she called the dispatch center instead of 911. She got another of her friends on the phone who sent a Medic Unit immediately. Laura’s good friend and another lady she knows were the first to respond. After checking Alyssa out they decided to Air lift her to John’s Hopkins hospital in the Medivac. My sister told the paramedic that she is not allowing Alyssa to fly with out her. They said fine, no problem. After the consult they decided that the medivac was too far away and they were going by land. So my sister jumped into the back of the medic and rode with Alyssa to the hospital followed by Brandon.

Brandon called us and told us that they were going to the hospital and for us not to come home unless it was really serious once they got there. My dad and I were working on the plumbing in the condo and then I just couldn’t take it and told him we need to go, lets pack up. I called Pete and told him what was going on. He said that if it was serious he would head to the hospital. I started getting changed and he put his paper work away. Then 10 minutes later Brandon called and told us Alyssa just lost conciousness. I told my dad and started crying. We packed up everything we had brought with us and hauled ass out of there. We were on the road in less than 5 minutes. I called Pete to let him know and he told me he was already dressed and printing out directions to the hospital, he was on his way!

My Dad drove, now we had taken my car because he can’t see great driving at night and I wanted to drive. He wouldn’t let me drove when we left the condo. He drove in silence looking straight ahead crying. I was a mess and texted a few people because my Dad would not talk to me. He was so upset and concentrating so hard on driving. I have never ever felt so scared in my life. I love Alyssa more than anyone else in this entire world!

We got a text 20 minutes or so later letting us know Alyssa was awake. THANK GOD! We both stopped crying, but my Dad still couldn’t talk. He also wouldn’t let me talk on my phone. Like the sound of me talking about it upset him so much. SO I texted. LOL

Then I got this picture:

Posted Image

It relaxed us some seeing she was ok and awake. My sister called me and cried telling me how scared she was. Alyssa had a CT scan and x-rays. My sister told me the whole story. I had the phone on speaker so my dad could hear and he couldn’t talk he was so choked up. I nudged him and told him to say something. He couldn’t. He choked out a “I Love you”, before Laura and I hung up.

We were driving so freaking fast. I don’t know how we didn’t get pulled over. Pete called a few times with updates. He was at the hospital with Austin. Brandon’s parents were there too.

Then they got an all clear from the CT scan, but still had a few more x-rays to redo. They couldn’t see all they needed to. Once they took her off the back board, my big girl insisted on using the potty! Then she finally got to sit on my sister’s lap.

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Laura called me again with another update. Told me the Doctors were beyond nice and that Alyssa had lots of stickers and was ok. It is weird she can name all of her fingers, Thumb, Pointer, middle, Ring and Pinky. At the hospital when they were asking her questions and all she kept getting them all backwards.

Pete was alone in the waiting room with only Austin to keep him company.

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Poor Pete, he is so scared of teeny tiny babies. LOL He did good if you ask me.

My dad and I got there and Pete instantly handed Austin off to me.

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I held him a few minutes before giving him back and going to check on my girl. She had just fallen asleep. Poor baby! Austin needed to eat so I sent my sister out to feed him and I was with Alyssa. My Dad couldn’t leave her side. At this point Brandon’s parents left.

I went back out in the lobby and let my sister rant and rave a bit. She fed Austin and I put him to sleep while she went back with Alyssa.

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Almost 2 hours later they came out ready to go. Alyssa has a concussion, facial trauma and neck contusions or something like that. She has to wear the collar for a week and John’s Hopkins wants to see her back in a week.

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Alyssa showed me her stickers and told me she had a blue ice pop. She was so tired. I put Austin in his car seat and we were all ready to leave.

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We all walked out to the cars and I hugged and kissed her good bye. I was so relieved. My Dad drove me home and Pete followed. It was 1am at this point and Pete and I headed to the diner for a bite to eat. My Dad on the other hand went to my sisters to spend the night with Alyssa.

She had an ok night. Just woke up for about 45 minutes crying and complaining about the neck brace. She had an accident in her bed too. She went back to sleep after 45 minutes of hell and slept until after 8am.

This was the good morning picture I got.

Posted Image

Pete and I got up and went to the store we got stuff to cook dinner and a BIG Halloween Balloon and a Mickey Pumpkin for Alyssa. We spent the day with her and she was almost back to normal. She was sore, but played and had a good time. She took a great 2 hour nap and we all watched the football game. I make a yummy dinner and we all enjoyed being “Family”.

Alyssa was playing with my phone. We got this picture.

Posted Image

You can see part of her Balloon in the back ground.

Laura took the neck brace off and gave her a bath. Alyssa had alot of fun on the tub with Mommy! She was so excited to show off her Skeleton Pajamas. She is so into Halloween this year!

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After her bath we all got ready to go. Her little lip is sooo swollen but s he gave Pete, my Dad and I little kisses and big hugs. We headed out and then she ran onto the porch and yelled “Lisie” I turned around and walked back towards the porch and she said “Thankyou for making me dinner, it so good”. She held out her arms and gave me another hug and kiss. I got into the car so full of Joy! I love this little girl and can not imagine my life with out her.