Christmas in the Air!

We decorated my sisters tree last week. We did mine this weekend, but I haven’t uploaded those yet. Here are some from Laura’s tree. Alyssa has decided that she still loves Halloween, but she may like Christmas too! LOL

First a picture of my 2010 ornament that Pete got me. He knows I love my villains.

Posted Image

He Also got this to hang on our front door. I love that my Boy gets my Disney-ness!

Posted Image

Look how big my baby is getting! Sooo fast!

Posted Image

Alyssa hung her new Ornament from Uncle Petey! He loves buying Christmas ornaments.

Posted Image

Last Year! Look how much she has grown!

Posted Image

Snow White is Alyssa’s favorite!!

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

She loves her Uncle Petey! She likes to tease him and tell him he is her Neice…LOL Silly Girl!

Posted Image

Mickey Mouse Club House!

Posted Image

Alyssa had to “help” Austin hang his Dumbo Ornament from Pete.

Posted Image

Alyssa is pretty much just learning that us saying “Smile” means she Smiles. She is still in the super cheesy smile phase, but it is easier than trying to make her giggle to get a picture. I am sure when she is 16 she will just love these pictures!

Even though my sister and family were looking like actors from the movie Joe Dirt, I tried to get a family Picture….LOL  After 4 takes I gave up!

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Posted Image

We had alot of fun. I will update with Pictures of my BEAUTIFUL tree soon! LOL


One Response to “Christmas in the Air!”

  1. Donna R Says:

    Your niece is such a cutie pie! I’m SOOO jealous of your Disney cruise vacation. I’ve always said if I ever take a cruise, it’s going to be Disney. Hope you plan on posting lots of pics of your trip next month.

    Happy Holidays to you!

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