Saving Money…Disney Money!

Tonight was interesting to say the least! LOL

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We owe $2300 on our September back to back cruises. Sam’s club had Disney Gift Cards with a bonus Disney Store Gift Card. So I had the brilliant idea to Take $2500 we had in cash and pay it towards our Disney Reward Visa. Then use the Visa at Walmart to buy $2700 worth of gift cards, earning $27 dollars worth of Disney Reward Points. Then use the Walmart gift card at Sam’s club to buy 27 $100 Disney gift cards at $98.87 a piece saving us $30.51, as a bonus we got a $10 Disney Store gift card with every $100. Grand Total of savings/rewards for our next vacation …. $327.51

That is the GOOD!

The BAD is the Drama! LOL

On Sunday we asked at Sam’s Club if we could use a Walmart gift card there to pay for the Disney Gift card. We were told yes. So today I called and checked again. Again I was told sure. So we went to Wal Mart and bought a $100 gift card, then went to Sam’s and used it to buy a $100 Disney Gift card with the bonus $10 Disney Store Gift card. Went off without a hitch…perfect!

Back to WalMart we go. I grab a gift card and I asked the Checker if there was a limit. She told me no. SO I said I would like one for $2600. After she picked her jaw up off the floor she said she needed to check with a manager. The Manager comes over and says there is a $1000 limit. I said no Problem and grabbed two more gift cards. I got them to split it up. Then it was time to pay and she told me I couldn’t use my Visa since the amount was so high, but she will go check. Well they told her that $3000 was the limit. So cool we are set. Then my card gets declined…WTF! So I call chase and apparently they put a hold on my account since I bought $1000 worth of Airline tickets today and $200 worth of luggage and a few other bills hit the card today. LOL I assured them it was me and was fine. So then the customer service person got a manager and the manager fixed it and 30 minutes or so I was back at Sam’s club.

I get back to Sam’s and by this time Pete is tired and doesn’t want to shop anymore. I don’t either, so we grabbed 26 gift cards and found a young checker with a nice smile. He started the process of scanning and activating each card, then he did something wrong and missed a few cards. he called for a manager who came and voided it. Then the manager said He would help us. He asked how we were paying for them and I said gift cards. He said “you can’t use a gift card to pay for gift cards” ….. WHAT? He said he will go check.  He goes and gets a higher up mananger and they tell me that store policy is you can not use a gift card to buy these gift cards. This is when I whip out the receipt and card from less than an hour ago.

The manager then tells me she doesn’t know who did it, but it was wrong. Pete took a step back and I started talking…LOL I told her that obviously their system “allows” it to happen since we had just tested it out. I also informed her I had called and asked in person earlier this week. She asked where we got that and Pete pointed to a register and said there. LOL I think it was the sheer volume of gift cards I was buying that freaked them out. LOL

So then I tell her that they are going to try it, since it obviously worked once today, and I am going to appreciate it very much. I informed her I can not pay for my Disney vacation with (non returnable) Wal Mart Gift Certificates and since they did it once they can and will do it again. I was VERY nice, but direct and to the point. She was huffy but told Dennis that he could try it. I smiled sweetly and thanked her. Well obviously it works and we reaped the benefits of $327.51!

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We plan on using the $30 savings to buy a Disney Gift Card, saving the Disney Reward Dollars for WDW, and using the Disney Store Gift cards online to buy gifts for the kids and Park merchandise like souvenirs before we go.

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