I’m baaaccckkkk………..

So it has been forever since I have blogged.  I think facebook is ruining the blogging world.  At least for me.  I want to blog, I really do.  I write blogs daily in my head.  I just never have time to put them on the computer.  Some of the things I want to blog about are:

What’s been up with me.  My new job, vacation planning, new vacation plans, new camera and of course my favorite people in the world, Alyssa and Austin.   If I actually get to all of these topics we are looking at a VERY long blog entry.

Let’s start with my new job!  I am very excited about it.  There are so many positives with this new job and so far only two semi negatives.  The first being the business attire I am required to wear everyday and the 2nd being the very very limited internet access at work.  I am actually typing this at work and I am going to email it to myself to post from home.  I hate being so restricted.  I can not access anything.  Dressing up kinda sucks too.  I have worn semi casual clothing to work for the past  15 years.  WOW 15 years, I am so ready to retire.  LOL

The positives out weight the negatives for sure.  My favorite benefit is the 3 weeks vacation time I get after I finish my probationary 90 day period.  THREE WEEKS!  As you may or may not know I live for vacation!  Speaking of which I still need to post all about our Arizona vacation from last month!   I’ll add that to the list of topics!  LOL  Some of the other great benefits are the 401K with matching up to 5%, Health, Dental, Vision and life insurance, plus lots of other benefits like a discount of my cell phone bill and home internet/cable/telephone.  The job is in a whole new field.  For the past fifteen years I have worked in Real Estate either for Attorneys or Title Company.  While 15 years ago this was a lucrative profession to enter into, with the downturn of the economy and the housing market it was pretty scary out there.  So I enter my new career in the Healthcare field.   I am working for a huge company with about 3600 employees.  I have never worked with more than 15 people so this is all so brand new.  It is exciting though!

I have been planning my next vacation.  I can’t wait.  Only 109 days until I fly to Florida.  Yes Yes Florida again.  Why do you always ask me this?  We are going on the Disney Dream!  We are heading down a day early for a little retail fun at Downtown Disney and then Pete and I, along with my Dad, Sister, Brother In Law, Alyssa, Austin, My Aunt and cousins will board the Disney Dream for a 3 night cruise. 

 As soon as that three day cruise is done we will get off the boat and turn around and get right back on the boat for a 4 night cruise.  Making it a week on the Disney Dream!

Deluxe oceanview stateroom  - Photo courtesy of Disney Cruise Line.

Doesn’t that sound like FUN?  I can not wait to be sitting on that balcony watching the sun come up over Castaway Cay!    Oh I am so looking forward to the AuqaDuck.

Once we are all cruised out Pete and I will be heading for a 2 night stay at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.  I am almost as excited about this as I am about the cruise. 

Disneys Wilderness Lodge entrace sign in stone

Exterior: Pictures of the Disney's Wilderness Lodge Villas

 We plan on possibly visiting Epcot while we are there.  If we don’t it won’t be that big of a deal since we are heading to Walt Disney World for Alyssa’s 4th birthday in January or as she says her FOUR BIRTHDAY.

In January we are heading to Walt Disney World for a week.  It is going to be great!  My Dad is going along with my sister, Brother in Law and the kids.  We are staying at the Boardwalk Resort.

This is the first time staying at the Boardwalk for our family.  The Boardwalk is such a great resort due to being so close to Epcot and Hollywood Studios.  Alyssa is so excited.  We talk about it daily.  She is going to love it and what better way to celebrate a birthday then in Disney World.  I am also excited about this trip for other reasons that I will go into at a later date.  HA, cryptic right.  LOL

Pete and I have another cruise planned for June of 2012 with our friends Patty and Dale.  This is going to be fun.  We are going to Canada on a 5 night cruise followed or preceded, haven’t decided) with a quick trip to New York City since the cruise is sailing out of New York.  I am excited about not needing to buy airfare to go on a cruise. 

Disney Cruise Lines, magic, disney dream, itinerary

Disney Cruise Line Comes to New York City

I am also working on some weekend getaways of course.  Now you can see why I am so excited about the 3 weeks vacation I get at the new job!

The thing I am most excited about here lately is my new camera.  I have had my old camera a little over 3 years and it has been wonderful.  But I mastered using it and wanted more. 

 Pete bought me a Nikon D7000!  I love it.  I still have so much to learn with it though.  It was a nice step up for sure.  Look what a baby my old camera is compared to the new one.  My lucky sister ended up with the old one though.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures I have taken so far with the new camera.

I am so looking forward to the vacations we have planned for this year and hope to take lots of great pictures.

My babies!  They are growing up so fast.  Look at them! 

Alyssa is growing so fast.  She is SUPER smart.   She knows all of her letters and numbers.  She can write her name.  She can spell her name, Austin’s name, Mom, Dad, Pop and a few other small words.  She remembers EVERYTHING.  She is also getting very tall.  She is at least 40 inches tall and is wearing a size 5t!  She loves playing angry birds and Candyland.  I love having conversations with her.  She really is one of my favorite people in the whole world and I would do anything to make her happy. 

Austin is a fast learner too and is already trying to walk in addition to crawling and climbing the steps!  He is a shorty though and all of his pants need to rolled up.  He is getting more and more red hair.  He has way more than Alyssa had at his age.  She is saying Dadadadada and making lots of other noises.  He is eating babyfood and baby snacks even without any teeth.  He wants to eat grown up food so bad.  Hope those teeth come in soon!  We will all be happier!

So that is my update in a nutshell!  Look for more updates on a regular  basis, I am really going to try!

3 Responses to “I’m baaaccckkkk………..”

  1. margievz Says:

    I’m glad to see you post! I agree that FB ruined blogging. I miss the ol’ days!

  2. michele lane Says:

    You sound so happy right now lisa. which makes me so happy! 🙂

    ooo a cryptic message. Iam intrigued! lol

  3. sandy Says:

    Hey Lisa, I want to talk to you about a disney vacation. Can i call you? my e-mail is auntsandy at bellsouth dot net

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