DVC & Vacation

So I know I promised to update and then dropped the ball…LOL!  It’s so hard with no internet access at work.  I mentioned in the last post that I was looking forward to some upcoming vactions.  I can not wait for vacation. 

In September we are going on a cruise for Austin’s 1st birthday and in January we are visiting the Castle for Alyssa’s birthday!

When we were on our last cruise Pete and I bought into the Disney Vacation Club.  This is Disney’s version of a time share.  This is not for everyone, but it makes so much sense for our family.  We love Disney and we love vacations.

With Disney Vacation Club you buy into a “Home Resort” that you have access to making reservations at 11 months prior to travel, you can book hotel rooms at any Disney Vacation Club Resort besides your home resort 7 months prior to travel. 

Our home resort is……

Bay Lake Towers

It has this as it’s view….

We stayed here in January of 2011 and fell in love.  Isn’t it pretty.  Now for the next 50 years I will be able to stay! 

This year before our cruise Pete and I, My sister and her family, my Dad and my Aunt and cousin are using some of our points and staying at the Old Key West resort.

This will be a first for us.  I think it will be fun!  After the cruises (there are two of them…more on that later) Pete and I are staying at the Wilderness Lodge Resort.  Again another first for our family.  This one I am extremely excited about.  Look how lovely!

We are only staying a few days, but I already know it won’t be long enough.  Funny saying that when the whole vacation is going to be 11 nights long.  Thank god for Paid Time Off.  I love that my new job offers vacation time more on the level of Pete’s 4+ weeks of vaction time. 

Now for the cruise.  We are going on the new Disney boat….the Disney Dream!


I am so excited about this cruise.  I have wanted to go on the Disney Dream since I first heard about it.  I knew that a 3 night cruise would just not be long enough so Pete and I booked an additional 4 night cruise to make a whole week.  Basically when one cruise is over we walk off the ship, re-check back in and walk right back on!  Isn’t that great!  The cruise just goes to the Bahamas and to Disney’s island (the Island where we got married) Castaway Cay.


We like to go visit the spot where we said “I Do”each year.  Because we are taking two cruises we get to visit Castaway Cay twice.  I am so excited about this.  TWO STOPS at Castaway Cay.

In January we are doing just a week at Disney World.  Alyssa is turning four this year (FOUR…where did my baby go) and what better way to celebrate!  We have love of princess meals planned and some other surprises.  I can’t wait.  My dad is joining us on this trip too.  I am excited about the memories Alyssa and Austin are making with “Popeye”.  They love him so much and he loves them more then anyone else in this world.  Hense the reason my non Disney loving dad is taking two Disney vacations less then 150 days apart!  🙂  We are currently booked to stay at Bay Lake Towers, but with the addition of my Dad we are going to need a two bedroom villa.  I am going to do my best to switch us to the Boardwalk resort. 



I think my family will love it.  I know Pete and I love it.

I am so glad that we bought Disney Vacation Club and I can not wait to plan many more vacaitons using our Disney Vacation Club Points.

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