Pixie & Pirate Destinations

I am so excited to talk about a new part of my life!

 I have started working for a new Travel Agency.  Pixie & Pirate Destinations.   They are a brand new Disney Based Agency.  I am really trying to find a way to do the Travel Agency job as my full time job.   If all of you guys could please come “LIKE” me on Facebook  and pass the word on to your family and friends.  You know I will take wonderful care of my clients and help in any way possible. 

Did you know that it is the same price to use me, a graduate of Disney’s College of Knowledge ad you personalized Disney Vacation Planner as it is to book online with Disney.  The only differance is you (or who ever books) will be helping me out and getting quality service in return.  Check out the web site.  I have my own page on the website .  The Web site is great, you can fill out the form online  for quotes  and there is an online payment page too.   It is great!  I know you guys are there for me and I really appriciate all of you who let me book your Disney Vacations!!!!


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