2011 Disney Vacation ~ Day 10

So since my husband is in India and I am stuck here I am going to get this Trip Report finished! I have to, we leave for our next vacation in 9 days!

January 12, 2011 ~ Day 10

Today was our Cozumel Beach day. We had made reservations are Nachi Cocom. It is a private Beach club that only allows 100 people a day to use it. It was raining when we got off the ship, but we still had to go or they would charge my credit card. One thing I didn’t like was that they will only charge your credit card if you don’t show up, if you do show up you have to pay cash.

We got off the boat and made our way to the taxi stop. It was a huge long line and I can only imagine how long it would be if it was not raining. We got a taxi and made the 30 minute drive to Nachi Cocom. Our drive was uneventful. Alyssa was so excited about her beach day!

We got there and checked in and discovered my sister didn’t read her emails and didn’t bring enough money. We begged them to just charge the card on file and they wouldn’t. UGH! So Alyssa had to go to the bathroom and we made plans to just head back to the ship. Well a very nice couple who was on our ship offered to lend my sister the money. We accepted and felt like fools but tried to enjoy the rest of our day!

It was so pretty! We sat on the beach some. Alyssa loves the beach!

We went up to the cafe area and ordered lunch. The electricity kept flashing on and off.

Here is a pitcure of my Pretty sister and my nephew.

After lunch we got back in the hot tub. It was too cold to get into the pool. It was all so beautiful. I would go back again for sure.

Alyssa showed off her swimming skills.

I would have enjoyed laying here reading my book for hours.

After enjoying some drinks and some more time in the hot tub we headed back to the ship.

There was a band in the market place playing music and we stopped and listened for a while. The tile floor of the marketplace was sooo slippery. We made out way carefully to the boat and went to shower and all before dinner.

This little cutie came over and spent some time with us.

Tonight was pirate night. Would I get to see the fireworks? I hope so.

Alyssa was a bit scared of Captian Hook, but she can’t wait to meet him this cruise. Thank you Jake and the neverland pirates!

After showering Pete and I headed up to the DVC office. We did it. We bought Disney Vacation Club. Bay Lake Towers!!

We went to dinner afterwards so excited!

Dinner was good.

Alyssa was all decked out in her Pirate outfit. She was excited about the party.

After a fast desert we headed up to the party.

Laura took the baby to their room and I took Alyssa to the top deck to get seats for the party. Pete and Brandon went with us. They were looking at the waves on the side of the ship. It was INSANE. The water was all coming out of the pools, the decks were soaked. We were rocking like no other cruise I have ever been on. Then it happened…the worst! Alyssa coughed twice then threw up all over me and all over the poor unsuspecting people below us! OMG was it a mess. I called to Brandon who took her and went to shower, Pete and I went another way to our cabin. I got in the shower myself and my sister collected my clothes to go wash them.

I got out of the shower and got my Pj’s on. Then I heard a little knock on my door. It was Alyssa. She came in and told me she was sorry she “Frowed up” on me! I asked if she felt sick and she said no the wind just got stuck in her throat. She was coughing and she does have the weakest gag reflex ever! So I don’t think it was sea sickness. I do however wish she had eaten less for dinner and maybe skipped desert! LOL She asked me if I would come lay with her and read her a book. I went into my sisters room and climbed into bed with Alyssa. We read one book then she snuggled up to me and fell fast asleep.

Pete and Brandon went to the movies and after about an hour of snuggling I went back to my room! I have never felt a ship move like it did that night!