So my Mother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law are coming on Thursday for 8 days.  I can not wait to see them.  I hate that they live so far away.  It won’t be all fun, they are coming for my father-in-laws funeral.

Tonight Pete and I cleaned, spring cleaned, we moved furniture and moisturized the leather furniture and even polished the kitchen cabinets.  We planned where out new Christmas Tree was going to be set up….look at this baby… CHRISTMAS TREE

I love it.  It should be delivered in a few days.

I also ordered flowers for the table, mantle and the guest room.  I just love having flowers in the guest room when people stay.   Lets them know we are happy they are here.

Tomorrow night Pete will steam clean the floors and I will do the bathrooms!  I love getting ready for guests!!!

Look at this amazing picture of my inlays that I took in April!  I love it…I love the “love” that they had after 45 years of marriage!

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Since August??? Really?

Wow, I am now the winner of the bad blogger award!  It’s been since August since I have posted.  DO I have anyone even reading this anymore.  So lets play catch up!

I still need to finish my January 2011 trip report and start and finish my August/September 2011 trip report.  I hate this. These are my memories and I need to get them written down!  Lets not even talk about my pictures that have been/have not been uploaded and edited.  I MUST get this all done before January when we are heading back to Disneyworld for Alyssa’s 4th birthday.  We are staying at the Boardwalk hotel in a 2 bedroom villa.  I am very excited.  It is going to be MAGICAL!

I am a travel agent for Pixie and Pirate Destinations so if you would like a Disney Quote come on over to our web site or my Facebook page.  I can help you plan a magical Disney Vacation!

This is the Disney Dream!  It was amazing.  I still can not understand why anyone would want to cruise with another Cruise line.

That brings me to other good news.  Only 11 months (almost to the day) until our next cruise,  We will be cruising on the Disney Wonder.  That is the ship we were married on.  We did cancel our New york cruise to be able to go on this one.  Where are we going???

I CAN NOT WAIT!  This is going to be a long 11 months. We are going on a 14 night cruise to the Islands of Hawaii.  But before we step foot on that boat we will be spending two days in Disneyland with wonderful friends of ours!  We will be checking into the …..

During the wait we will have house guests for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Pete’s Mom and Sister are coming for Thanksgiving and then his mom is coming back for Christmas.  Pete is so excited, I am too!  I am sad about the circumstances that make these visits possible, but very happy to see my family.

Pete’s dad passed away on October 23rd.  Pete and I spent a week in Arizona helping his mom deal with all of the things you must take care of during such a sad time.  We will be having his funeral on Saturday, November 19th in Pete’s hometown in New Jersey.  I am not looking forward to it.  I hate being sad.  I had a great father-in-law and he will be missed for sure.

On a lighter note….my favorite kids are getting big!!!

Austin is walking (and running) and climbing and just growing so fast.  He is so much fun these days!  I love watching him grow and learn!

Alyssa is growing so fast.  She is already 42 inches tall!  She is also soo smart.  She can write all of her letters and is starting to sound words out.  She is sweet and lovable and kind.  She is a pure joy to be around!

I do not love my new job full time job, but it pays the bills and allows for extras.  Speaking of extra’s …..

Pete bought me a New Macbook Pro for our anniversary…

This baby is Disney-fied and ready to work.  I love it and it makes my Travel Agent business so much more enjoyable.  It is super fast and so portable.

I also bought a Kindle Touch, canceled my order and bought the Kindle Keyboard & Pink light up case.

Kindle Leather Cover, Hot Pink (Fits Kindle Keyboard)Kindle Leather Cover, Hot Pink (Fits Kindle Keyboard)

Life changing purchases!  I love it!

I am really going to work on blogging and keeping up to date on this blog.  I hate the holes in my life story!