Disney Dream Vacation 2011 – Day 1

This trip report is a report on my Back to Back on the Disney Dream in September 2011. I must finish this in 19 days…We are heading back to Walt Disney World for Alyssa’s 4th birthday.

Cast of Characters

Me – Lisa
DH – Pete
DSis – Laura
DBIL – Brandon
DNiece – Alyssa – 3.5
DNephew – Austin – almost 1 year, this is his Birthday Cruise
DD – Dad
DA – JoJo, my Aunt
DC – Matthew, my cousin

Me and Pete:

Posted Image

Laura and Brandon

Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image

Dad & Aunt JoJo

Posted Image


Posted Image

I planned this trip for all of us. I was so happy my Dad, my aunt and cousin were joining us this time. I love vacationing with my family.

I have over 2000 pictures from this trip. So lets get started.

August 30, 2011 – Travel day

Pete worked today. As soon as he got home we were packed and ready for my BIL to take us to the airport. Brandon and the kids got to my house around 3pm and we loaded the truck. Alyssa helped with last minute packing.

Went we got to the airport she was not very happy to be saying good bye. i told her I would see her tomorrow.

Out flight was uneventful. We landed at MCO around 9:30pm. We made our way to the Magical Express.

We had a small wait. Once we got on the bus we stopped at Old Key West first and then the All Stars, Music I think. Finally we were at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Posted Image

Posted Image

We checked in and we had been assigned the perfect room facing the pool just like we requested.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

At this point it was about 11pm. We were starving and of course the Mara was closed. We ordered a chicken sandwich and a burger. The bill was like $45 but at that point it didn’t matter. In room dining was great. They come in a set up a table for you. It was really nice.

Posted Image

After dinner Pete went for a walk around the resort and I went to sleep!

Two Days until we board the ship….

Posted Image

We stayed here at the Animal Kingdom Lodge for our Honeymoon and we were not too impressed. After this trip we changed our tune for sure. We thouroghly enjoyed our stay this year.

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  1. Treyce Montoya's Blog Says:

    I have a great family 🙂 Love you cousins! ❤

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