2011 – Year in Review

Ok so I have seen a lot of people writing a year in review.  I thought I would try it.  It is a lot harder to do this since I am not blogging on a regular bases.  This is the best that I could come up with.

In January, we rang in the new year very low key since we were getting ready to  leave for a nice long vacation.  We went to Disney World for almost a week.  I got to spend a lot of time with my great friends.  Over 20 of us met for what we like to call a “Mega Meet”.  Pete and I also staying at Bay Lake Towers on rented DVC points.  After almost a week in Disney we headed to Port Canaaveral to meet my sister and family for a week long cruise on the Disney Magic.  It was Magical.  On board we took the plunge and bought Disney Vacation Club!  We also celebrated Alyssa’s 3rd birthday on board even thought we were two weeks early.  Pete and I also visited Ocean City Maryland and discovered our favorite restaurant down the Ocean was closed up for good.  On Alyssa’s real birthday I made her cake, as I have every year since she has been born.  This year’s cake was a firetruck.

February brought in some more cold weather.  I surprised Pete with a weekend away on Superbowl weekend.  It was great.  We were sitting at breakfast and I told him we were going away for the weekend.  He didn’t believe me until we left Cookies and opened the trunk to see all of our bags.  We started in Clarks Summit, PA.  Boy was the weather nasty.  After that we headed to a Bed and Breakfast in Intercourse, PA.  What a FUN weekend.  I made the drive to Connecticut, first time visiting that state!  I helped my friend Amy host a baby shower for our friend Laura.  Laura’s twins wanted to come early and she almost missed the shower.  Thankfully they held off for another month or so.

In March, must have been a slow month.  I can’t think of anything exciting.  Well besides the fact that Pete had Lasik Eye surgery and is not enjoying life without glasses.  We also visited good friends in New Jersey.  Always lots of fun.

When we got to April,  Pete got his iPad2 finally and I got me a new camera.  I got a Nikon D7000.  It took a while to get used to it, but I can honestly say I love it!  Pete and I also took a week long trip to Arizona.  It was such a great visit with P Daddy and Mama Reese, oh and Ann too.  I got to spoil our friend’s little girl Zoey with lots of Disney goodies.   The week was over way too fast but did include visits with lots of family and friends.  We also visited Jerome, AZ as well as Phoenix, Green Valley and Tucson.  We also had a great Easter with our favorite kids!  I went to PA to a fun baby shower/sleepover with great friends the last weekend of April.

May…YAY my Birthday Month!  This month started with a new job.  I was happy to have a job that came with lots of benefits.  I went through the training class in Annapolis and started working full time in Columbia.  May also marked 8 years since I have gotten to hug my Mom!  I still miss her so very much and can not believe we lost this wonderful lady 8 years ago.   Pete also bought me a great Birthday Gift.  MORE DVC points!  YAY!  I am so excited to own a little piece of BLT!

June came with another New Job.  I started with Pixie and Pirate Destinations as a Disney Specialist Travel Agent.  I was sad to leave my old agency, I learned so much there.  But at Pixie & Pirate my business has grown.   We also booked our January vacation in June.  8 nights at the Boardwalk Resort in a 2 bedroom villa!  Alyssa started her countdown.  That child loves a good vacation as much as her Aunt Lisie.

We rang in the 4th of July with a visit from some Great Friends.  Caitie and Jasmin, along with their Mom & Dad came for a great 4th of July.  We visited Cunningham Falls State Park as well as watched the fireworks in Columbia from a VIP Policeman Family location.  In July we also reviled to Caitie and Jasmin that they would be joining Alyssa on her birthday trip to Disney World in January.  Towards the end of July Pete’s sister Ann came for a nice visit.  We love when she has summer conferences on the east coast.  She told us that her winter conference would not be on the East Coast this year so we would not see her for Thanksgiving.

August was the most stressful month of the year for me for sure.   The highlight was joining the Disney Wedding Blog as a Mentor for Cruiseline weddings.   Pete and I found out that he was going to be sent to India a few days after his 35th birthday.  It was originally going to be a two week trip.  This turned into a slightly longer trip once he was there.  He enjoyed meeting his co-workers from India and sharing his knowledge of the job with them.  I missed him terribly.  While he was gone there was an Earthquake in Maryland.  It was super scary.  The only casualty for our family was our beautiful mirror that was over the mantle.  Another slap in the face by Mother nature was Hurrricane Irene!  I was home alone to face the storm and to keep the basement dry.  It was a long stressfull night.  I was never more happy to welcome someone home as I was the day I picked Pete up from the Airport.  Two days after landing back in the good old USA Pete (along with me) headed to the airport to head to Orlando.  We spend two great nights at the Animal Kingdom Lodge at Walk Disney World.

September 1st we stepped aboard the Disney Dream.  We did a 3 night cruise followed by a 4 night cruise to the Bahamas.  It was great to cruise with our extended family.  We celebrated Austin’s 1st Birthday on board.  It was so much fun.  Once we got off the ship we headed for another for days at the Villas of Wilderness Lodge.  We visited Hollywood Studios and had a great post cruise vacation.  Once we were home we planned for Austin’s 1st Birthday on the 17th of September.  Pete and I also booked next year’s vacation….Disneyland and Hawaii aboard the Disney Wonder.   When we were in Disney we had received notice the P Daddy was pretty sick.   We were pretty worried, it seemed serious.

In October my laptop died.  I was cut off from the world.  I use my laptop for work, so I was pretty upset.  Pete bought me a MacBook as an early Anniversary gift.  I was in love!  We followed P Daddy’s progress.  This took a turn for the worse and Pete flew out to Arizona to be with his family.  Two days later we lost a great man.  I flew to AZ the day after he passed to be with my family.  It was so hard.  Losing a parent is never easy.  We flew home to Baltimore the day before Halloween.  We went and spent Halloween with Alyssa and Austin.  The cutest Flounder and Princess Ariel ever!

In the beginning of November I broke down and bought a Kindle.  What was I waiting for???  It has changed the way I will read books forever.  I went to work planning Pete’s Dad’s funeral.  We decided to hold the funeral the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Mama Reese and Ann came to stay with us for that week.  Although we were all together due to a horrible tragedy it was so nice to have Thanksgiving dinner with my entire family!   We also decided that Mama Reese would be coming back to Baltimore for Christmas!  YAY

In the beginning of December we decorated for Christmas and put up our brand new Christmas Tree.   We also booked the Grand Californian for our pre cruise stay at Disneyland.  We will be visiting Disneyland with our good friends, Zoey and her parents!  Pete and I made a trip to New Jersey to put out Christmas flowers for his brother and father.  We also picked up Christmas Decorations for my Mother and Grandmother’s graves.  I dodged a layoff bullet at my job and Pete worked 6 day, 60+ hour weeks for all of December.  We were so happy when Mama Reese landed in Baltimore.  We enjoyed Christmas morning at Laura’s house with the family and the Skyped with Ann once we got home.  We have Christmas at Aunt Lisie and Uncle Petey’s house a few days after Christmas.  We said good bye to Mama Reese before New Year’s eve.  Pete and I spent a relaxing New Years Eve at home, together!

It was a year filled with ups and downs.  We can not wait to see what 2012 holds for us!!!

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