2011 Disney Dream Trip – Day 5 – September 3, 2011

Today was Castaway Cay Day. We started off with Breakfast in Cabanas. There was a small misunderstanding, a small family fight and we got to the Island a little late.

Before that Popeye and the kids play in the Bunk Beds. Alyssa is a big fan of the Bearinstein Bears so she had it planned that Popeye was going to be “Brother Bear” and she was going to be “Sister Bear”.   So instead of sleeping in the Murphy bed my Dad was stuck on the top bunk. LOL

So Pete and I headed to the beach and saved spots. Everyone else come about an hour later.

While Pete and I were swimming Alyssa got to meet Stitch. Now you have seen two of her outfits, but this was a third. It’s her Lilo dress and crown. She was so excited. The CM’s told her Lilo doesn’t get off the ship cause she wanders too much and they are afraid she would get lost on the Island.

Look at her holding my Dad’s hand….so sweet!

Everyone else got to our spot and we hit the water. It was warm today, like 90 or so. Perfect beach weather. Now when picking out beach spot we wanted to be near Cookie for easy drink refilling, we also did not go to the new family beach, we stuck to the old one. In my opinion the sand is softer and the sea lice spottings are less here.

We played in the water for hours. It was sooo much fun! Castaway Cay is the best place in the whole world!

Alyssa has no fear!!!

After a few hours got out of the water to dry off before we hit up Cookies for some lunch!

We discovered Austin Loves Ribs. LOL The food was good, hot and fresh! I miss the Cookie Dough Soft Serve though.

After lunch Mickey was having a dance party. We just snapped a picture before heading back to the beach!

Everyone else headed for the slides, but Pete and I had a beer and relaxed!

That is Alyssa coming down the slide backwards!

And my Dad…LOL

So while the rest of the family is slipping and sliding we are enjoying cold frosty grown up drinks.After another hour or so we headed back to the ship.

In the next picture you can see how brown the island was from the hurricane. I am so glad it greened back up for my friend Lisa’s wedding.

Speaking of weddings…..

See how green it was 3 years earlier when we were married.

I really miss the Flying Dutchman. I hope they bring one back. It added whimsy to the Island.

After we got back on the ship we had to pretty up in a hurry. It was formal night and the showing of Disney’s Believe.

We were early and met JoJo and Matthew in the lobby since the doors to the Walt Disney Theater was not yet open.

We got the best seats of the cruise tonight. Down close to the front.

See the hidden Mickey?

Austin looks soo stinking cute in this picture. I wish Alyssa was looking.

The show was pretty good, but I didn’t love it like I do DIsney Dreams.

I did love the Princess Tianna part. I love her!

I love this purple dress, Sophia is wearing!!!

Alyssa yelled out…Look Petey, It’s your favorite Mickey. She knows Pete loves
Sorcerer Mickey!

After the show we took some pictures around the Walt Disney Sign. Not the best choice now that I look at them. The color is horrible here.

We ran into Patty! Yay, finally a picture. We did actually cruise on he same ship. I swear! LOL

 So after visiting with Patty some I headed to the D-Lounge. I was supposed to meet my sister and the kids for some Character pictures. Pete was shopping with my Aunt in the shops. He is such a girl when it comes to gift shops.Well I waited and waited and waited. Laura and the kids never showed up. SOOO I got some character pictures! I was at the end of the line, since I let everyone in front of me.

Now at this point Alyssa and Snow White were on a 1st name basis. She was sad she didn’t see her so she filmed a video for her.

It was awesome. Her voice is amazing!

Apparently my family was doing a photoshoot on their own while I was waiting for them.

Dinner tonight was in the Royal Palace. We also planned to celebrate Austin’s birthday tonight.

I wish I could have bought one of these bread baskets!

So since Austin could not stay awake until the end of Dinner we did his cake first. LOL

Austin didn’t last long. He was asleep before we knew it!

Finally we were sitting next to Patty and her family. All of the other nights we were in the same section but not close.


After dinner we headed to the farewell show. It was so sad knowing my family was all leaving the next morning.

Of course we needed to say goodbye to Snow White first.

Look Alyssa was getting sad saying goodbye.

Pete and I headed to the District for some Adult drinks!!

We ran into Jenni. She was part of out DIS group and we had spent time talking to her and her husband Chad in the pool earlier.

After a few beers we went back to our room. It was so nice not having to worry about packing while everyone else on the ship was scurrying to pack their bags and get them in the hall.

I crawled into bed and was asleep in no time!!

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