Baby Shower Fun! – The Shower

So I realized I never posted Baby shower pictures….

It was a great day! Everything turned out perfect! Well EXCEPT Alyssa was home with Daddy and he could not get her to wear her Monkey dress that cost me $40!

I took these once I got everything set up!

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Baby Shower Fun! – The Plan

After seeing my friend Carly’s shower and her baby Owen’s room I wanted a Monkey Theme for “Baby Brother’s” Shower! I will post all the goodies I have so far!

We have Banana’s for the Cupcakes made by the SUPER talented Mikkel.  She is such a great friend!

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Along with Cookies for the favors. I love them so much!

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Here are pictures of the rest of the stuff I have bought for the shower.

This Banner will say “It’s a Boy” instead of Happy Birthday and she added some blue in it for me:

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I also got stickers that look like the Monkey. I am not sure if I want to put them on the cups, or if I want to roll up the silverware (well the Blue & Green wear) in napkins and secure them with the stickers.

These Water Bottle Lables will be on the bottle of water. I got Dasani so the bottles would be blue.

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These cards are so everyone can leave a little Note to the Baby.

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This is a scratch off game. Laura loves scratch offs….LOL Two will be “it’s a Winner” cards. I still need to get “gifts” I am thinking starbucks gift cards.

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The other game is a “how well you know Mom” game.

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For the Cup Cakes. I got the Bananas for some and these for the others:

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One of my gifts to Laura and “Baby Brother” is this Diaper cake.

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Along with this sweet handmade blanket:

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and the car seat:

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It’s a safe seat, which apparently they are not making anymore. Graco switched over to two differant sizes of the snug ride. WELL we own 4 bases for the safeseat and the snug ride car seats will not fit the safe seat bases, although the safe seat car seats will fit the snug ride bases (IT’S A SHAM IF YOU ASK ME). This was the only pattern Babies R US still carried of the safe seat. I like it, but don’t love it. My sister was dead set on not getting a new cover for Alyssa’s seat. She didn’t want to spend $140 on a cover when the new seat cost the same amount.

Along with a few outfits and a monkey freezer thing to put in the bottle bag. (can you tell I like themes). LOL I also talked my dad into the Medela Pump with the back pack.

Now we couldn’t leave Alyssa out.

This is what I bought her for the day:

Posted Image

and this hair bow:

Posted Image

I have also bought Blue and Green, Napkins, forks and knives & Cups, along with plates that have a Blue and Green design.

We are having Water (in Blue Bottles), Blue Lemonaide and Brown Iced Tea. LOL

I am making Mini sandwiches. I am cooking a Ham for Ham Sandwiches on Ranch Rolls, Chicken Salad Sandwiches on Hawiian Sweet Rolls and Shrimp Salad Sandwiches on Mini Rye Bread. We are having Potato Salad and Pasta Salad, Fruit Salad and Cucumber Salad along with Deviled Eggs, Chips-Pretzles-Veggies and Dip, Cheese & Peperoni and Crackers. For desert there will be Brownies, Cupcakes and Cream Puffs!

Baby Brother

Yesterday we went to have the 4D sonogram done for my Nephew.  It was great to put a face to a name….oh wait….Thats right Baby Brother doesn’t have a name yet!  UGH.  There are so many personalized gifts I want to buy him….Pick a name already Laura…My Vote is on Alex or Adian — they are not even in the running though. . . .LOL

Isn’t he adorable???  He looks alot like his big sister.

She was very well behaved during the sonogram.  She made sure we all seen her “baby Brother” on the screen.

In the waiting room my Dad helped Alyssa build (and knock over) a tower of books.

DSC_1295 DSC_1296

They have the identical hair color!!!

Laura is doing good and has gained a whooping 16 or 17 pounds.  She looks amazing!

Baby Brother’s baby shower is this weekend.  I will post lots of pictures of that for sure!!

Random Updates

It’s Friday and I so wish I was home already!  I have a bunch of things to write about, but they are all swimming around in my head.

There is only 6 1/2 months until our Disney Trip and Cruise.  I can not wait for vaction.  I can not wait to stay at the Contemporary Resort, I can not wait for a week on the caribbean!  I know it’s a long ways away, but I can make dining reservations and stuff in 2 weeks.   The next 6 months will fly by.  The new baby will be here in 3 months and Alyssa and I are so excited.  She tells me she Loves her baby Brother more and more lately. 

I have booked our next cruise, you know the vacation following the one in six months.  LOL  We leave in about 444 days…give or take.  LOL I know it is forever away, but we are excited because it will be a Birthday Trip for my Nephew and all of our first cruise on the Disney Dream.

I am hosting Laura’s baby shower at my house and we have no grass in our side yard.  This is the yard our kitchen door opens into so more like a back yard on the side of our house.  Last weekend Pete and I busted our butts in the yard.  Two days, over $100 worth of grass seed a tiller and 50 plants….It was HARD work!  LOL  The grass has started growing and is making us so happy.  The birds eating over $100 worth of seed is pissing me off though.  Lets hope in the next month and a half we get a full thick lawn.

We are going to see Toy Story 3 tonight.  Me, Pete, Laura, Brandon, Alyssa and my Dad!  It’s Alyssa’s first movie and she is really excited.  She can not wait to wear her “movie Sunglasses” and see Buzz and Woody!  LOL  I loved the first 2 Toy Stories and have seen them each 100 times since Alyssa discovered them.  So a new story line will be a treat.  I heard it is a tear jerker (this did come from my 8 month pregnant friend Jenna so who knows) so I have tissues in my purse all ready!

Last week I was missing my Alyssa girl so I headed over my sisters after work for a visit.  Brandon met me at the door with the BIGGEST lip ever……

CIMG0027.jpg by you.
He had been stung by a bee seconds before I got there.  It just kept growing and growing to the point Laura made him go to the ER. 
New Message by you. New Message by you.

It’s a …………

Aunt Lisie

That is me. I am Aunt Lisie. I was CiCi for a long time, now I am Yeesie. We will get there. I adore being an aunt. I adore my sweetie Alyssa more then anything. She is my most favorite person in the whole wide world!

Just look at her:

DSC_8204 by you.
Oh and by the way did you read her shirt?  Yup I am getting a new bundle of love this September.
This little alien looking blob is my new Niece of Nephew.  I am beyond excited.  The baby is due on my mom’s birthday.  How special is that?  I have known about the new baby since January…It is now April!!  Do you know how hard it was to keep that as a secret?  Hard!  Hard!
Now I am not going to lie.  I am a bit worried I won’t feel the same about the new baby.  I mean how can I?  Alyssa is, well, Alyssa.  She is amazing.  She is smart and funny and silly!  She is the most important thing in my world, so far. 
I know I will love the new baby, but deep down I worry. 
Pete is worried too, he is worried “his” Alyssa is going to lack attention.  He even suggested Laura and Brandon just give Alyssa to us and they take the new baby.  LOL  Yeah right, like that is happening.  LOL  But is is worried and plans on making sure Alyssa knows she is still his girl. 
I can not wait…..This is going to make Summer fly by!


Busy Busy

I have been a busy Girl!  I spent a good part of the weekend with my sister and Princess Alyssa! 

Friday night we took the baby out to eat.  As soon as the appetizer came out the baby needed to eat!  Laura took her to the car and got her all full of boob juice and then I help her and rocked her to sleep while Laura ate.

On Saturday I hung out with Pete all day!  It was so much needed couple time.  We had a fabulous time.  We went out to breakfast, went to Game Stop and did some other errands, then we went to the Movies to see Fools Gold.  It was very cute.  Then we went home for naps before dinner.  For Dinner we went to our favorite Pizza Place.  YUM!  All in All it was a relaxing good kinda day that I needed!

Sunday Laura and I went to Target and made dinner.  Pete came over for dinner and we hung out and played with Princess.  It was such a fun weekend. 

Nikki’s Grandmother died so on Monday I went to the funeral home after dinner with Alyssa and Laura, of course(I can’t stay away)!  It was good to see some people I haven’t seen in forever. 

Last night Crystal and I went to Laura’s (surprised) to give her some gifts  Crystal Dakoda got for the Baby!  Wow was he ever amazed by some breastfeeding.  LOL 

Tonight I made dinner and my Dad came over for “Dinner and a Movie”!  We watched Fracture and it was really good.  I highly recommend it. 

So this is why I have been MIA!  I have been sooo busy!  I still have my house to clean before Shannon gets here next weekend.  I haven’t been home in forever and my poor house is a wreck!  LOL  I have to whip it into shape and fast too!

In wedding news, my Dad made another payment on the wedding….He is down to only $3,900 (give or take) still due!  The closer we get the more excited I get!  EKKK!!!