A Friend of mine has a great web store selling wonderful Disney Collectables and other great gifts!  He is having a special “lisa” sale right now.  If you go to his site and buy anything, anything at all, you can put in the Coupon code “lisa” and get an extra 20% off!  GO CHECK IT OUT!!!


I just got home from a wonderful weekend in Ocean City.  Pete and I had a great time and spent way too much money.  Here is a list of  updates cause I am too tired to type out a real update entry.

  • Working on Day 4 – Wedding Day Update!
  • Bought lots of Christmas Gifts
  • Need a bigger house (to put aforementioned Christmas Gifts)
  • New Bed comes on Tuesday!  Hip Hip Hooray!
  • Need to clean room and make space for new bed
  • Been married almost a month and it is still wonderful
  • Alyssa is getting so big
  • Hoping to finalize plans for New Years Trip
  • Made Reservations for Bed & Breakfast Getaway (Christmas Gift to each other).
  • Need to get Alyssa a Baptism Gown
  • Need more sleep….can’t wait for new bed!

Ok, that’s all I can think of now….Have a good night!


My friend Vanessa is a finalist in a contest to win a great photography package and flowers.  This is from her:
I have always dreamed of a Disney wedding but I couldn’t afford one ..
I have now settled for the next best thing a Swan & Dolphin wedding and I am as happy as can be. I entered a contest and now I am a finalist to win I am so excited for the prize! It is a chance to win some beautiful photography and floral…Finances are really tight right now and it would mean a lot to my DF and myself to win this. I am very excited if you can take the chance to read my story and Vote for us.

We are Vanessa and Rafael Thank You

Sneak Peak

One of My Favorite Wedding Pictures



I registered to Vote while I was in Highschool.  We were allowed to register in February of 1996 if we were going to be 18 before the next elections.  I registered Democrat.  I only did because my Mom was a Democrat and I had no Idea what I was.  Through the years I thought I was republican and voted as such in the past two elections.  In reality I am not sure what I am.  I believe what I believe and I don’t fit into one category or the other.  I need a “Lisa” Category.  For instance, I believe in same sex marriage, I don’t like the idea of universal health care, I believe a women has the right, or at leasta choice if she wants an abortion.  I believe everyone has a right to bare arms (responsibly).  These are just a few minor issues.  There is much heavier issues at hand in this current election.  I urge all of you to vote.  It is your American given right.  I have my absentee ballot and I need to fill it out soon and mail it back in.  Even though I will be out of the country on Wedding Election Day I want to make sure my vote counts.  Watch the Video above, it is sooo funny!

Saturday Part Two

The drive over to Laura’s was nerve wracking….I was so excited inside. Well probably outside too! We pulled up and I called my Dad to help us with all of our things. He came out and told me how pretty I looked. It made me feel real good. Then we walked into Laura’s and they showed me my cake. I was Floored! It was so awesome. I started tearing up. They also showed me the favors. It was a tiny flower pot with foam in it holding up a Chocolate Pop. There were also packs of seeds that said “Lisa’s Shower” and the date. I am not a big fan of favors, but these were amazing. All three hostesses and my Dad worked on them. Laura painted the pots, my Dad figured out the foam, Nikki made the Chocolate pops and Crystal got the seeds. Then I went into the back room and looked out at the yard. I wanted to cry it all looked so pretty! I felt so loved. Pete came up behind me and he was very impressed too. It was all so great.

Yard before GuestsFood Tent

My Seat!!!!

The Centerpieces were awesome.  Gerbrea Daisies in vases and candles tired with green and pink ribbon.  Soo Pretty!


Candles on the Tables

Within 5 minutes of me walking through the door the guests started arriving. headed out back to greet everyone. I also got out the camera and started taking pictures. I didn’t want to forget a thing. One of my favorite parts was my Seat! It had a Gerbera Daisy Umbrella instead of a frilly lacey wedding shower umbrella. I don’t think a shower is a shower with out an umbrella! Plus I get to keep the umbrella to use on all the rainy days. I mingled around trying to stop and talk to each table. It was hard work. I kept thinking that I was leaving people out.

The Food spread was awesome! For appetizers there were meatballs, cheese & crackers, fruit, spinach dip, pepperoni, and a few other things. Then for the main course there was grilled pork loin and grilled jerk chicken breast with grilled pineapples, salad, pasta salad, macaroni and cheese, potato salad, mini chicken salad sandwiches on little Hawaiian sweet rolls and I am sure a few things I am forgetting. My sister had a whole food tent set up. We also had soda’s lemonade and “Adult Raspberry Lemonade”.

After appetizers it was time for me to open my gifts. I am never nervous in front of crowds, but to day I was. I was overwhelmed by everything. The first half of my gift opening I had a very serious face. I just kept thinking to my self how lucky I was that all of these people cared about me, then I would remember to smile at the bowl I just opened. It was funny when I look back on it. I got sooo many great gifts. They are all on Flickr. I took pictures of them all Sunday night at Laura’s cause I didn’t want to forget anything.


Serving Bowl

Bath Rug



Toasting Flutes

Opening Presents

 So Excited


After the gifts it was time to eat the main course and I went around and thanked everyone. Nikki made me a plate because I had not eaten. I was too excited.

Saturday was my Grandmother’s 78th Birthday. She came with all of my aunts and I had a birthday cake for her. We all sang and it was so cute, she asked if it was her first birthday since we only had one candle. She has Alziemers and it is so sad. I miss her so much. She was my young fun Grandma. When I was born she is only in her 40’s and she was the Grandmother who drove and would roll around on the floor with us. Now she is a person who doesn’t know us. I remember only 5 years ago when my mom dying sitting there crying with my head in her lap as she rubbed my hair, now she doesn’t know us at all. I was happy she could be there with me though.

Happy Birthday Grandmom

It was time for my CAKE!

The BEST Cake Ever!
They brought it out and Pete and I posed for a few pictures.

Lisa & Pete

Me and My Honey


The cake table was set up so nice. It had bride and groom wine toppers, and the favors and plates and forks and knives. It was all so matchy and pretty! The cake was amazing. I don’t even like cake, but this was good! I loved the Icing sooo much and the cake maker wasn’t stingy with it in the least. It is funny the cake was the only Disney element of my shower, and it was one of my favorites.

Favors Plates, Spoons, Forks Etc.Bride and Groom Wine Bottle Decorations

After cake people started heading out. I made rounds again thanking them and saying goodbyes. Once most people had gone I sat with my Aunts and Grandmom in the basement to Visit while the clean up was going on. Pete carried all of our gifts in and we decided we would take them home this week. It was just too much.

My family all left and then it was just Pete and I and our whole wedding party! We had a few adult beverages and took some group photos and had snacks.

Me and Shannon


Nikki and I

Me & My Girl!

Crystal and Me

Nikki, Lisa & Crystal

Me and My Girls

This is when we gave out our Attendants Gifts. I got the girls beach bags, cool hair barrettes, Earrings, Ankle bracelets, shirts that said Bridesmaid, or Maid of Honor and Mickey Earrings. I hoped they liked it all. Pete got the guys Cap Catchers, Beer buckets and Knives. Brandon, the police officer, cut himself with in a minute. LOL

Lisa, AKA the Bride!

Yum, Jello Shots!

The party broke up around 11:30pm or so and we all headed home. It was honestly one of the best days of my life. I am so thankful for Laura, Nikki and Crystal’s efforts to make my bridal Shower Day more then perfect!

Shocking Pink

I dyed my Crinoline Fuchsia tonight!  I love it sooo much!!!!  It is going to look so great under my dress.

Rit Dye

Dying my Crinoline

Crinoline Dying

Rinse Cycle

Hot Pink Crinoline

Weekend Update with Lisa – Part Two

So it seems like I only update about the weekends.  Well that is because during the week I do the same stuff day after day.  No one cares I did 4 loads of laundry last night or that someone stole ladders out of my yard on Monday! 

Last Sunday we went on a picnic.  It was so fun.  We drove around a while trying to pick a place to go.  We settled on Centennial Park in Howard County.  It is a pretty park.  We had lunch and sat around and chit chatted.  I of course had my camera and I took a bunch of pictures.  That Alyssa is too darn cute.  These are my favorites.  Which one is your favorite:

My (almost) Husband and I!

Uncle Petey and His GirlMe and My Favorite Girl!

Cute Couple!

RaspberriesPretty Girl


Sweet Smile

Ocean City 2008

This years Ocean City Trip was extra Special.  It was Alyssa’s first trip to the beach.  She has been to Ocean CIty 3 or 4 times, but it wasn’t beach weather.  We are all so proud of this little girl we all packed up (including Pete who hates the sand) and hit the beach.  Alyssa loved it of course.  She loved the sand and she loved the water.  She definitely got my Mom’s beach loving gene.  I am glad too, it was so nice to see her having a great time at the beach.

 Playing in the Sand

Pete and I had all of Saturday to ourselves before everyone came down on Saturday night.  We had a great time.  We went to Assateague Island and took pictures and checked out the ponies.  There weren’t too many of them since it was in the afternoon when we got there.  But we still seen (or is it saw) a few. 

Me & Alyssa

We of course had to go to Harborside for lunch.  They have the best Orange Crushes and they even have an Orange Crush cake.  OMG to die for.  There was live music and we just relaxed ad enjoyed being together.  We went to the boardwalk that night and rode the tram and walked the boards.  It is so fun to people watch.  There was a lady on the tram who was there with her boyfriend and her husband called her cell from another person’s cell so she didn’t know the number and she had a fight with him.  He had people out looking for her and she lied about where she was.  Then she got off the tram and ran into someone they knew and she got BUSTED.  It was sooo funny.  We also saw the ugliest necklace and shoes while on the board walk.  I tried to take a few pictures of it.  I forgot my battery charger and blew through both batteries and before the end of vacation was all tapped out.  I took a few pictures with my point and shoot, but not many.

Ugly NecklaceUngly Shoes on a Grown Man

One morning Pete and i got up at 5:15am to go up to the beach and watch the sun rise.  It was so romantic and magical.  It was a little hazy, but I think it made for some great photos.  We totally loved it.  Well I totally loved it and Pete was tired.  LOL  After we stopped for coffee he was much better!

Sunrise - Ocean City, MD

All in all it was a relaxing vacation with the family.  I love my family and love vacations so what could be more fun.

Aunt Lisie, Alyssa & Mommy

Aunt Lisie, Alyssa & UnclePetey

Boys & Baby

The only downside was another run in with my Ex.  Pete and I (thankfully) were not there, but my Dad, Laura, Brandon and Brandon’s parents were.  OMG…when will it end.  The chance meeting had my Dad all worked up for the next few days, talking about knocking him out an going to jail and Laura was yelling things in the Amusement/Rides area at him.  It was bad….So glad I wasn’t a part of it.  But how weird is it to run into him 160 miles away from home.  There are people I want to run into that I don’t see nearly as much as I do him.

The drive home was bittersweet.  I couldn’t wait to sleep in  my own bed, but I was so sad to leave one of my all time favorite places.  My Dad stayed a few extra nights after Laura and I left, he mainly fished and hung out with some friends of his.  As much as I love Ocean City I don’t know if I would want to be there all alone.  My Mom used to love her few days of alone time each year there.  I guess each person’s thought of vacation and relaxation are a bit differant!

There is a link to all the pictures here!

The Dark Knight

We went tonight to see the new Batman movie!  OMG  it was so good!  I am usually a girlie movie watcher, but this movie kept you on the edge of your seat!  Heath Ledger did a great job as the Joker.  I love the way these new Batman movies are going, I love that they arn’t all cartoon like.  I think you all need to go see this.  GREAT MOVIE!!

Disney Store

A friend of mine just started an online business selling Disney Collectables. PLEASE go check it out!

Pool Fun

I called Laura today and she was stuck at her nephew’s birthday party so we only talked for a few  minutes.  She invited Pete and I over for dinner and to be there with Alyssa when she went swimming for the first time.  Well you know I grabbed the camera and we got ready to go!  LOL  We took some pork chops and Laura made chicken and we cooked out and had a great time!  I love when we hang out with Laura and Brandon. 

So Laura set up the pool for the baby and filled it wit warm water from inside, not cold hose water.  We took the pre dip pictures and then We sat her in it.  She loved it.  You can’t really tell from the 100’s of pictures I took.  She is a funny baby.  Like if she likes something she isn’t one to crack up laughing at it.  Instead she studies it hard and intense.  That is what she did with the pool!  She is too funny!.  I laid on my belly to take tese pictures and I am paying for it now. I have like 100 bug bites on my belly!  LOL

Here are my Five favorite pictures, but they are all over here if you want to check them out!

Alyssa Swimming



Sitting up!


After her swim we took her in and gave her a bath and get her all in her Pj’s. Look at these smiles:

Pretty Smile

Cutie Pie

I kept the baby and Laura and Brandon and Pete went to the movies. Well Alyssa and I napped the entire time they were gone. We snuggled up on the sofa and fell fast asleep. I woke up with Laura looking over us. LOL Oppsss…..uess who was up ALL NIGHT. Nope not me! LOL


Ale Mary…Full of Grace?



Ale Mary's

Tonight for Dinner we went to Ale Mary’s.  I have been before, but Pete, Laura and Brandon had not.  Alyssa hadn’t been before either.  LOL  We all enjoyed the food and the guys enjoyed the weird beers!  It was alot of fun.  Inside if decorated with Pictures of old Catholic School kids.  I also like that the food is served with Tater Tots.


 Candy? Holy Candy?DoorMenu

Pete's BeerPete's BeerBrandon's Beer

Me & my HoneyBrandon & Laura

Then when we were leaving we had to step over this while crossing the street! It is such a shame.

Streets of Baltimore

Weight Loss Progress

This past Week Pete and I didn’t go Weight Watchers.  He was leaving the next day and we wanted to spend time together and also we had to pack and get  him all ready to leave.  So we skipped out.  Well then it was eating at me that I didn’t go.  It was driving me crazy and I just kept thinking about it. 

On Friday I went to buy all of the supplies for my invitations and there was a weight watchers center in the same shopping center.  I decided to pop in and get weighted.   I am glad I did, I lost a bit over 2 pounds this week and that brings my total to 24.4 pounds!  Only .6 more until I am at 25 pounds!  GO ME GO ME!  LOL

I think I have lost all 24.4 pounds from my thighs.  They are still fat, but they are flabby fat now instead of full fat.  LOL  Oh well, I will just skip the mini skirts. 

My engagement ring is getting too big again.  We just had it sized down to a 5.5 and now I think it is going to need to go down to a size 5.  We haven’t had my wedding band sized yet…thank goodness.  I am going to try to hold off on the engagement ring then have them done together.  I am also going to wear my Great Grandmothers diamond ring on my right hand for the wedding.  My mom wore this ring everyday from the time she received it after my great grandmother passed away until the day we buried her so I think it will be special to wear it on my special day.  I am going to need to get that sized too.     

Reception Invitations

Last night Laura, Alyssa and I went shopping while the boys played Wii.  I got most of the stuff to make my “Baltimore Reception” Invitations.

Reception Invitations Supplies

These are SOME of the supplies for making my Reception Invitations.  They will be 4 X5 inches with the Daisy on the left then the lime green ribbon will go down about 1/3 of the way acrossed the invitation.  The wording will them be on the right side.  I bought lime green swaroski crystal’s for the center of the flower and will be putting them in lime green envelopes.

Don’t worry I will post pictures of the finished product!

Shrimp Salad

Not to toot my own horn but I make a KILLER Shrimp Salad.  That is what we had for dinner last night.  It was Cheat Night and instead of going out I made shrimp salad at home.  YUM!  I ate until I was stuffed!  Luckily that was the exact time we ran out of shrimp salad.  LOL


Steam Shrimp…

1 cup of apple cider vinegar

1 cup of water

3 tablespoons of old bay

2 pounds of shrimp

I add the first three ingredients bring to a boil.  Then I add the shrimp.  I steam for about 8 minutes then stir then steam another 5 – 8 minutes.  Some people say you only need 5 minutes, but that makes them rubbery and raw tasting in the middle.  Remove them from the liquid and let them cool. 


3 tablespoons of the boiling liquid

5 tablespoons of Mayonnaise

1 cup of chopped celery

1/2 – 1 tablespoon of Old Bay

After the shrimp cool peel and discard shells.  Mix dressing and pour over shrimp.  Mix well and enjoy!  I love Shrimp Salad so much!  YUMMY!

Johnny Depp

Pete and I TiVo’ed the MTV Movie awards. We are watching it now Johnny Depp was one of the nominees for “Best Comic Performance”. He won and I said to Pete, I bet he isn’t there. Well out he walks and HOT DAMN!!! He looks good. He looks 21 Jump Street Good, Cry Baby Hott! Clean Shaven and Sexy as all get out!




a little about me

I was tagged by Cady for this. the rules of the game get posted at the beginning. each player answers the questions about themselves. at the end of the post, the player then tags 4 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answers.

a) what was I doing 10 years ago?
I was in college living at home.  I was planning on moving in with Nikki and Crystal.  We had started to buy stuff for the house and making tons of plans, for both the house and parties that will take place there! 

b) what are 5 things on my to-do list for today:
food, craft & camera shopping
take a nap
play mario kart

c) snacks I enjoy:
I am not a snacker…..
pretzels and dip

d) things I would do if I were a billionaire:
buy a new house
buy us each a new car
go on a mega trip
make sure my family and BFF’s never had to work again

e) places I have lived:
Baltimore, Maryland
Brooklyn, maryland
Glen Burnie, tennessee

hmm…i think i will tag Shannon, ShannonMichele and Lisanne.

The Choice NOT to Vaccinate

Pete and I have done tons of research on the issue and we are not going to Vaccinate our future Children.  I know that each parent has their own opinion on this issue.  Just Monday Alyssa had her 4 month shots and after a feverish night and a day or two of her not being herself she seems back to normal!  Thank goodness.  I think it is a personal choice and our choice is not to do it.  There are tons of reasons but these are just a few:

In the past quarter century, the numbers of vaccines the CDCand AAP insist that children must get has increased from 23 doses of 7 vaccines to 48 doses of 14 vaccines by age six.

There are no large, credible studies proving it is safe for all children.

Number of mandated vaccines before attending school:
1983 – 10        Autism – 1 in 10,000
2008 – 36         Autism – 1 in 150

A child receiving all the recommended shots which includes 24 vaccines during the 1st year of life, is now 14x more likely to become learning disabled & 8x more likely to become autistic.

The very young are at an exceptionally high risk for vaccine induced damage due to their rapidly growing brains.  A child’s blood-brain barrier has a higher permeability to allow more nutrients across as it grows and develops.  
Because vaccines are toxic to the body:  the theory behind their effectiveness is that they will stimulate a strong immune response that will be stores in the body:  This is true, however, the catastrophic effects of a powerful boost to a developing immune system are not taken into consideration:  The effect of this:
Over-stimulation of the immune-mediated microglial response while intensifying the anti-body mediated Th2 response, causing it to last way longer than it should.  This results in excessive brain inflammation &  tissue destruction as the immune system loses its normal control circuits & literally attacks everything in sight including itself!! 
Both factors have been noted in autism, other neurological & auto-immune disorders.

Our culture has experienced a 50 fold increase in auto-immune diseases like juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes type I, Chrohn’s, celiac, irritable bowel disorders, asthma, allergies, etc.  Our children have more vaccines than ever, yet are sicker than they have ever been in the history of mankind.   As a result, the youth of today are the first generation in the history of mankind expected to die before their parents. 

We know that God created our bodies with an amazing ability to heal themselves.  Every irritant, whether it is dirt, dust, dander, viruses, or bacteria are a necessary & overcomeable challenge to our innate immune system.  Like exercise to the muscles, the immune system grows stronger with every natural challenge.  



The Skinny

Weigh in went so GOOD last night.  Pete is down a total of 32.6 pounds and I am down 23.4 pounds.  All this lost in only 8 weeks.  Go us…Go us…Go us!  (insert me doing the “cabbage patch” from 1990) I am really proud of us.  We have been trying really hard and it is paying off!

At weight watchers there are tons (haha…that made me laugh out loud) of great people. Miss Val, who’s daughter went to high school with Laura, went to Disney World last week. We had talked Disney before she went (DUh!) and I was so excited for her and her first trip! Well yesterday was the first time we would be seeing her since her trip. She got home on Saturday. When she got there of course I was full of questions about her trip and she loved it! Well she had a little gift for Pete and I:

Wedding Pin

A Mickey and Minnie Bride & Groom Pin. Wasn’t that sweet of her!! Now the fight is on as to who gets to put it on thier lanyards since we are both pin collectors. Actually I will give in and let Pete have it since I got the last Bride and Groom Mickey and Minnie Pin!

Half Way!

Shannon and Michele are in Virginia now!  They are about 1/2 way here.  I am sure they will hit horrible traffic near DC, but they will be at my house right around the same time as Pete and I.  I am so excited!  I can’t wait to see them!  We are going to have a GREAT time!  EKKK!! 

Birthday Gifts

My Birthday Gift!


Isn’t this the best gift!  Laura came over for dinner tonight and we had a great Turkey Meatloaf!  YUM!  She also brought me presents!  She got me a Cinderella light for the Disney Guest Room amd Alyssa got me this picture frame!  Isn’t it great!  I love it is much!  We had fun tonight.  We played a little Wii and I got lots of baby time in.  I will see her again tommorrow night when we got out to dinner with my dad for our birthdays! 

Speaking of gifts…..Pete’s parents sent me a nice package yesterday!  I got a pack of Flip Flop Magnets and two cool metal hair things and a $50 gift certificate to the Spa!  They love me!!!

Six Months

In just six short months I will be on the Disney Wonder.  I will be nervous about the next day, the day I get married.  I won’t be nervous about marrying my one true love, but I will be nervous about my Dress and my Hair and the favors being set up just perfect.  I will be nervous about the flowers being perfect and the pictures being wonderful.  I am sooo very excited.  This is a dream come true.  Sometimes I just want to pinch myself, I can not believe it is real.  I am so excited about cruising again, it’s been like 3 years since I have cruised.  Cruising is such a wonderful vacation.  Disney does it the best too.  They have the attention to detail and the entertainment that you just do not find on other cruise lines.  Sure I could be biased, but I think the thing is I cruised with Disney 1st.  I cruised with Disney 3 times before I cruised with any other cruise line.  The other cruise was fun, but is was all because of the company I was keeping, not because of the cruise.  The cruise was ok, but the entertainment and dining were lacking.  I can not wait to share people’s first cruise with them.  More than half of our guest have never cruised before.  I am so happy that they are cruising with me!  I can not wait.  I really hope the next six months go by as fast as the last six months!

Bloggy Photo Days – Take One!

Here is the Link to my Day

I didn’t have work today so my Day is pretty Boring.  I slept late, Got up, Checked Email, Cleaned, Read, Napped, Went to my Dad’s, Went to my Sister’s, Went to get Ice Cream with a friend, Had my sister over for Dinner, Played with the Baby, Watched TV, Visited, Went to Bed!


Day of Babies

Yesterday was a day of babies for our friends and I am so happy for them. 

Pete got a call from his friends Paul and Michelle and yesterday Zoey (love it with the “Y”) Marie was born at 7:15am at their home, planned home birth.  She was 7 pounds 15 ounces and 19.5 inches long!  These are our friends that live in AZ.  We haven’t seen them since we went to Mexico in October!  I can’t wait to see move pictures of the baby!

My friend Kim called me last night and let me know about two new babies in our group of friends.  Our friends Kristen and Woody got the call yesterday and they got their new little girl Marissa.  They are adopting her through DYFS in New Jersey.  She is 2 years old and according to Kim she is beautiful.  She is half Chinese and half caucasian and has long pretty black hair.  It is awesome because Kristen has wanted to be a mom for so long and has only been in the program with DYFS less then a year.

DYFShas been busy our friends Meghan and Filx also got a little boy yesterday from them.  They adopted thier daughter from DYFS a few years ago and now have a new son.  I don’t know his name…I completely forgot to ask.   

I am so happy for all the new parents, children and families!

Playing Catch Up (Again)

Ok so I am playing catch up again.  This blogging thing is getting harder and harder.  So are you all wondering what new is going on in the life of Lisa? 

  • Work is super stressful!  My forclosure case load is growing daily!  It is crazy.  I wish people would just pay their mortgage!  LOL
  • Alyssa is getting so big.  I love her so much and totally love spending time with her.  She is so sweet.  Last night I babysat for Laura and Brandon while they had a must deserved night out.  After Pete fed her she went to sleep and slept for hours.  Not much fun, but it was great snuggle time.
  • Pete and I joined Weight Watchers.  We have both been doing really good.  We don’t wight in until Wednesday, so I will let you know.  We joined about a week after good friends of ours and they are doing fabulous.  He has lost 6 pounds and she has lost almost 4…in a week!  Talk about inspiration.
  • Buying healthy food is expensive!!!  We spent so much money at the food store on Thursday! 
  • I got some more “goodies” for the kid’s cruise bags.  The Disney Store is full of sales.
  • Pete’s Best man has finally booked his trip!  YAY!  I am soo happy.  I went ahead and booked his air fare too.  Grand Total $2300!!!  For two people not including the $100 or so worth of tips.  That is what they get for waiting to the last minute.  The prices go up the closer you get to sailing.  I am just happy he is going to be their for Pete!  Now we are waiting on ONE MORE groomsman and we are set!
  • Did I mention I am in love with Alyssa…oh yeah I think I did!
  • We are only 6 months and some odd days away from our wedding!  How exciting!  It is all setting in and I still have sooo much to do!  LOL 
  • THANK YOU WORDPRESS for the Spell Checker back!
  • I made awesome Baptism invitations for our friend’s little girl’s Baptism!  I am so proud of them and I am getting much faster with Photoshop….I got them don’t in only like 15 hours (total time).
  • I am sure there is MUCH MUCH more to write.  Maybe I will write a real update later today!


Not Yet!

It’s 3:11pm  and there is no baby yet.  Laura is 100% efaced and 6cm dialated.  She is doing great and being really strong.  We hope to have a baby soon!

Cat Pee

So now that the cat has been out a few days I smell Pee. It sticks and I am not sure where it is. There were no wet spots the day we got home and the cat was here. I don’t know what to do. I am trying to get the energy to deep clean EVERY thing in the house, but I just don’t feel like it.

I updated my list of blogs I read and took off the ones that had not been updating or the ones that now have passwords and I don’t know them. I need some new reads. I just haven’t found any that are well written and interesting. If you know any let me know!

All Clear

Well I just woke up and had to pee again. I heard Pete in the bathroom. Apparently the cat decided to chance it and it made a jump for it out the window. It wouldn’t have had to jump to the ground there is a shed out the bathroom window, not too far down, my sister used to practice jumping out it in case of emergancy (she was a funny little kid). Thank the lord!.

P.S. I will updat about my week and Valentines day later, I am going to try to get some more rest now!

Still Awake

Well it’s 5am ish and I am sttill awake. I can’t go to sleep thinking that wild beast is in my house. I have done dished, watched last weeks Grey Anatomy (Merrideth can’t die) looked online, caught up on the latest Anna Nicole Gossip (poor baby) and I am still wide awake. I am going to pee in the trash can and try to go to sleep now!

Cat Burglar

Well it’s 2am and most people are asleep, not me! Why you ask? Well because there is a cat in my Bathroom. Yup a cat. Oh did I forget to mention I don’t own a cat, or particularly like cats. But there is one in my bathroom. I am scared to death. How did it get there? Well sometimes my back door doesn’t catch all the way. At 12;00am when we got home the back door was adjar. We had went to dinner with Laura and then met some friends for drinks. I don’t drink much and last night/tonight not at all, Pete on the other hand was feeling pretty good after 11 drinks or so. So we see the door open and are like GREAT! There is a family of stray cats in the neighborhood and this is the first winter we haven’t had mice so I don’t mind them, usually! So we check the house and find no cats, dogs, mice, rats, bears, etc. I had been wanting Pete to come to bed so we could “fool around” but then in his intoxicated state, he got pissy about the door and how I had left yesterday morning and not been home once. Oh and did I mention the tempature? No, oh well it was about 10 degrees outside, about 30 degrees in my downstairs, and about 110 degrees upstairs. The heat had ran and ran all day, right out the back door. So he is hot, pissy and drunk. I just went to sleep. Well since I was drinking Ice tea every round, I had about 10 or 11 of them. I woke up at 1:30am needing to pee really bad, I look around on the floor, still scared something might be in the house. I walk down the hall, turn on the bathroom light and see a CAT on my toliet. I scream and shut the door. Then I ran into the bedroom and peed in a trash can. I really had to go. I was so upset. I started crying. I called 311, the non emergancy alternative to 911 in Baltimore. They said no problem someone would be out with in three DAYS, and for me to take care of the cat until then. Fat Chance on that one! So I call Laura and Brandon to see in my police officer brother in law knows anyone in Animal Control, no luck! So then I call my Dad and cry, he laughs at me and tells me to go to sleep or come to his house. I hang up from him when Laura calls back. She has all these wild ideas and I just am crying. SO finally I wake Pete up who had managed to sleep through this all. We open the front door, shut as many doors in the house as possible and then I open the bathroom door. I expect it to dart down the steps and out on to the front street. This doesn’t happen. The thing hides behind my toliet. I finally just decide to open the bathroom window and shut the door and hope he commits suicide. I can’t go to sleep now, I just can’t, I don’t know what to do!

Going Home

I so did not want to get up this morning. When I finally did I started packing and Pete went to get us breakfast from the food court. I packed us all up. We had quite a few soaps and Shampoos for “Give Kids The World”. I will send them a box when I get home. We checked and double checked to make sure we didn’t forget anything and we went down and got good seats by the pool. Of course our last day was sunny and warm. We had about an hour wait until our Magical Express Bus came. Wow I was really getting sad. At 11:45 we headed over to the Bus and Pete ran to get Money from the ATM for tips and whatnot. When Pete came back the bus for the Cruise Line showed up and we talked about maybe taking a Land/Sea trip next time. We were pretty quite on the way to the airport, we were both tired and sad to be leaving the vacation world here in FL. My sister called to tell me to was like 12 degrees at home. Great! We checked in at the air port and went to the Southwest gate to get in line, we had “B” ticket and wanted a row to ourselves. I sat in line while Pete got us lunch. It wasn’t long until we were boarding and heading home. I read my book, The Keys to The Kingdom on the flight home. I recommend it to all Disney Lover’s young and old! We got in to Baltimore and it was freezing. We called my Dad who picked us in in a few minutes and within 15 minutes we were home and vacation was over!

Final Thoughts

This was a great Vacation. I have taken many trips to disney, but this one was extra special. This was the trip that I turned Pete into a Disney LOVER. I love him so very much and to be able to share this Magical Vacation with the love of my life was so great! I have a few tips. Get tons of Disney Photo Pass Pictures Taken, and make sure you get them to take a shot with your camera too! Buy a pair of Crocs, real ones, Disney Crocs, or regular ones. They are the best, no blisters for me! Make your dining reservations early. Take breaks often. These the some of the most important things I have learned!

Pre Trip

I visited Disney in January 2006, in addition to 5 other trips. Last summer I heard of the Year of a Million Dreams and I got the bug to visit again. I always visit in January because I love the low crowds and mild weather. I emailed Pete and asked him if he wanted to go to Disney with me, he replied with “How much does it cost?” I told him not to worry about that. He agreed to go with me and I was so excited. He had never been to my favorite place in the world and he had no prior desire to visit WDW. I booked our trip with Jessica at the Magic for Less Travel. I have used her before and she is wonderful. My Dad had mentioned he wanted to go with us and it kinda snowballed into a big group trip. It took many emails to Jessica and many calls to 407-WDW-DINE to rearrange ADR’s.

One day and Counting!

We leave for Walt Disney World tommorrow! I am sooo excited! I can not wait. I am packing now. So much stuff for 7 days. I tend to over pack, and now I do the packing for us both. LOL Today after my JOb interview my Sister and I went shopping (again). I bought a pink Baltimore Ravens Hat. I am thinking of taking it. I am not sure how I look in a hat. What do you all think:

Sunday Massage

I took a bath this afternoon to read my book and relax. When I got out Pete led me to the Bedroom and said he had a surprise. Well I was thinking, Ha, big surprise, thinking he was looking for a little afternoon Hanky Panky! I enter the Bedroom to find candles lit, he had the massage oil out and warmed, drinks for each of us and the bed all ready for me to lay and get a great massage. I lay down and he starts the CD player and a CD of love songs come on. I spent the next hour getting a great massage. What a sweet hart!

Baby Sitting

Katelyn and I went up to PA to visit NIkki & Ryleah, we had a sleep over then Katelyn and I baby sat. It was a great day. Ryleah is so smart and getting so big. We only had one melt down that I caught in a picture. Here are some pictures from the day:


I have been a sad girl lately and I know I shouldn’t be sad. I shouldn’t there are so many great things in my life. I thought that today I would make a list of them atleast some of them. I love posts with pictures so I will include some of them too. Here is a question for you bloggers out there, do you like posts better with or with out photos? Anyway here is the list of the top ten things I am thankful for in no particular order:

1. My family, My dad and sister are two of my best friends. I know they are there for me no matter what.

2, My Mom, she isn’t here with me any more, but I couldn’t have asked for a better one!

3. My Honey, Pete is a really great guy, sure he is moddy and lazy like all guys, but he is a good person, he is honest and sweet and I love him so much. I love when he reaches over in the mornings and pulls me really close and holds me until the last possible second before we need to get up!

4. My favorite Kiddies, Ryleah, Katelyn, Dakoda, Lauren & Ricky round out the top 5.

5. My House, I get to live in my Mom’s house, the house I grew up in.

6. My health, I am a fairly healthy gal, no high Blood Pressure, cholesterol, etc.

7. Vacations, we went to Arizona this year and in less then a Week will be hanging out with Mickey Mouse and Friends in Walt Disney World.

8. My Friends. I have great friends! Shannon, Nikki & Crystal are the best friends you could ask for.

9. My Bathtub, I have a big one, that is Deep and connected to a big Hot water heater!

10. TiVo, I know such a funny thing to be thankful for, but it is great. If you have it you know what I mean and if you don’t go get it!

Blast from the Past

I found all of these old floppy disks they each had like 2 or three pictures on them. Most were pictures of Me, Nikki & Crystal with the WWF & WCW wrestlers. We along with some of our guy friends used to stalk the pro wrestlers when they came to Baltimore. We have met quite a few. These are only a few of the pictures, I have 4 or 5 photo albums full of pictures on my bookcase.

Christmas 11 Months Early

I had a not so great day. I got some news that really had me a bit down in the dumps and I felt sick to my stomach all day. Well I picked Pete up from work and we went to get his hair cut. That boy looks so damn cute with a fresh haircut. When we got home sitting on the front porch was a big box, I got all excited and then I seen it was from Disney and I got REALLY excited. Pete brings it in the house and opens it up and gives me a great Disney Princess Luggage tag. I had got every one luggage tags for Christmas (for our Disney Trip that is only a week away!) and Pete thought I needed one too. Then he pulls out a pretty big box and hands it to me. He told me I can’t use it til next Christmas, but he was so excited about it he couldn’t wait til then to give it to me. This is what was in the box:

How awesome is she! I love it so much. I have such a great Boy Friend!

Cramps and Lunch and Dinner Oh My!

I went to the Girl Doctor on Wednesday for a check up. The Joy! Yesterday I got my period. THE CRAMPS! I hate that I get them every 28 days. I am usually out of commission for two days with them! I went and had lunch with Crystal and Dakoda yesterday. He is just the cutest thing. Crystal had a cyst removed from her wrist bone last Monday so I really like having her off to pal around with. Then I went and had dinner with Shannon, we had dinner for three hours. We had so much to catch up on. Today I laid in bed all day! It was aweful. I don’t want to move! The only cure is a much of advil and a hot hot bath. I read two books in the last two days! Reading in the tub is the best. So many of my books are water warped! Well off to bed now!