Since August??? Really?

Wow, I am now the winner of the bad blogger award!  It’s been since August since I have posted.  DO I have anyone even reading this anymore.  So lets play catch up!

I still need to finish my January 2011 trip report and start and finish my August/September 2011 trip report.  I hate this. These are my memories and I need to get them written down!  Lets not even talk about my pictures that have been/have not been uploaded and edited.  I MUST get this all done before January when we are heading back to Disneyworld for Alyssa’s 4th birthday.  We are staying at the Boardwalk hotel in a 2 bedroom villa.  I am very excited.  It is going to be MAGICAL!

I am a travel agent for Pixie and Pirate Destinations so if you would like a Disney Quote come on over to our web site or my Facebook page.  I can help you plan a magical Disney Vacation!

This is the Disney Dream!  It was amazing.  I still can not understand why anyone would want to cruise with another Cruise line.

That brings me to other good news.  Only 11 months (almost to the day) until our next cruise,  We will be cruising on the Disney Wonder.  That is the ship we were married on.  We did cancel our New york cruise to be able to go on this one.  Where are we going???

I CAN NOT WAIT!  This is going to be a long 11 months. We are going on a 14 night cruise to the Islands of Hawaii.  But before we step foot on that boat we will be spending two days in Disneyland with wonderful friends of ours!  We will be checking into the …..

During the wait we will have house guests for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Pete’s Mom and Sister are coming for Thanksgiving and then his mom is coming back for Christmas.  Pete is so excited, I am too!  I am sad about the circumstances that make these visits possible, but very happy to see my family.

Pete’s dad passed away on October 23rd.  Pete and I spent a week in Arizona helping his mom deal with all of the things you must take care of during such a sad time.  We will be having his funeral on Saturday, November 19th in Pete’s hometown in New Jersey.  I am not looking forward to it.  I hate being sad.  I had a great father-in-law and he will be missed for sure.

On a lighter note….my favorite kids are getting big!!!

Austin is walking (and running) and climbing and just growing so fast.  He is so much fun these days!  I love watching him grow and learn!

Alyssa is growing so fast.  She is already 42 inches tall!  She is also soo smart.  She can write all of her letters and is starting to sound words out.  She is sweet and lovable and kind.  She is a pure joy to be around!

I do not love my new job full time job, but it pays the bills and allows for extras.  Speaking of extra’s …..

Pete bought me a New Macbook Pro for our anniversary…

This baby is Disney-fied and ready to work.  I love it and it makes my Travel Agent business so much more enjoyable.  It is super fast and so portable.

I also bought a Kindle Touch, canceled my order and bought the Kindle Keyboard & Pink light up case.

Kindle Leather Cover, Hot Pink (Fits Kindle Keyboard)Kindle Leather Cover, Hot Pink (Fits Kindle Keyboard)

Life changing purchases!  I love it!

I am really going to work on blogging and keeping up to date on this blog.  I hate the holes in my life story!

Weekend Update

I had a really good, really busy weekend.

Friday night Pete and I went to our favorite Chinese food place.  OMG it is so good.  I can never eat Chinese take out again, and just the though of a Chinese buffet makes me throw up in my mouth just a little.  The place we go is a fancy restaurant.  There are cloth table cloths and they give you water before your real dink.  It is a real nice place and the food (Shrimp) is to die for!

Saturday I was awake and dressed before 7am.  Laura picked me up on her way home from work and we headed to a consignment sale.  It wasn’t as good as the last one, but Laura got a few baby things and I got Pete some Tastefully Simple brownie mix.  It is he favorite.

Saturday afternoon we went to visit my Aunt and cousins in West Virginia.  We had a great time.  We hung out and the guys played pool!  It was alot of fun.  Alyssa enjoyed herself too.

We also picked up my new furniture.  A new Hutch and Tile topped table.  It is so nice, I love it.  We couldn’t fit the chairs in the truck so I have to pick them up next week.

This weekend also involved lots of cleaning up.  I am having guests this week (Sooo excited) and I needed to  get the guest room straighten up and some wedding gifts put away (in the new hutch).  I did not get to paint the dining room like I wanted because my dad is fixing a crack in the wall and it will not be done in enough time to paint before Michele and Co. get here.  We did hang some wedding pictures and it makes the whole room look better! 

Yesterday I was feeling under the weather a bit, then Laura, Brandon and Alyssa came to visit and to get some things from the attic.  Laura found our little wooden rocking chairs in the attic.  We both had one and they have our name and the year wee got them written on the bottom.  Laura took hers home for Alyssa and I cleaned mine up for Alyssa to use at my house.  She loved it.

  Imported Photos 00118 by you.

Imported Photos 00115 by you.

Imported Photos 00114 by you.

So after all of that I was still feeling crappy.  I think I am just run down.  Work is kicking my ass lately and I have been super busy outside of work.  My throat is sore, but I did spend time with my head in the bleach filled tub, inhaling those fumes so I am hoping that is why my throat hurts and not because I am getting sick.  Alyssa has had a runny nose for over a week so I am hoping she didn’t bring any nasty germs home from day care!  I have company coming and I want to be at my best.  We have visiting to do and games to play and dinner parties to host!  LOL 


I am so sad right now.  My co-worker and friend is 21 weeks pregnant and today she found out that the baby has a Cleft Lip and Palate!  I am so sad for her and the baby.  She has already named the baby Abigail Reese (love the name).  I am sad that she has to go through this.  She was crying so hard today at work when her doctor called her.  I am sitting here looking at my favorite picture of Alyssa and I thank god she was/is prefect!  Please keep my friend in your prayers today!


I am sooo happy for my friend Michele!  I just got an email from her and she got the job that she wanted so bad!  It is the perfect job for her!  I am sooo happy for her!  Go give her some love!

Good Stuff

Today was a good day at work.  It was our Holiday party day!  When I got to work there was a pile of gifts on my desk!  I got a stuffed Mickey and Minnie from my Secret Santa; a $50 gift card for Target from the boss, that I plan on using tonight to finish my shopping; a tin of home made cookies; a Christmas Ornament; a Bath and Body Gift set; a Pin; a Photo Album, Christmas Sock, Post it Notes and a candle.  I got some lip gloss and lotion too!  It was a great haul!  We went to McCormick & Schmicks for a holiday lunch.  It was a fun time.  I also ran into an old High School friend, Tajuan.  When we walked into the restaurant and he was the host.  We exchanged hellos and then I went to our party room.  He walked by a while later and waved.  The attorney sitting next to me didn’t know I knew Tajuan and he cracked a joke about the host hitting on me.  Then he said that the host was hitting on him.  Dan the attorney said, “That host is hitting on me and he isn’t my type”  I said “What Black guys aren’t your type?”  He said “NO GUYS!”  LOL  So then we are eating and laughing and having a good time and our waiter refilled my drink and then said to me “Lisa?”  I said “Yes?”  and he handed me a paper with Tajaun’s number on it.  Well Dan the attorney was like OMG that hpst was hitting on you and just had the waiter gave you his number!!!  I have heard about this happening, but have never seen it!”  We all started laughing and I finally I told Dan I knew the host!  It was so funny though!  We got to leave right after the lunch and Crystal (my friend at work, not Dakoda’s Mom) and I went to the bank to cash our checks.  Well mine wasn’t signed!  We had to go back to work to get my Boss to sign my check, and then I had to go BACK to the bank!  UGH what a pain!  I still picked Pete up a hour early and Laura and I are heading out to finish our last bit of shopping!   

To end a good day, Pete got some GREAT NEWS!  He got a $6,000.00 raise!  I am soo excited, this couldn’t come at a better time with the wedding in the near future!  I am so proud of him, he also got a great promotion!

New Job

I started my new job as a legal assistant on Monday.  It is going pretty good.  It is a lot different then working for a title company.  Sure I am still doing a lot of real estate stuff.  The girl I work with is great.  She is teaching me alot.  We work 9-5 with an hour lunch (paid) and 2 breaks.  All of the people are great.  Another great thing is that I get paid on Friday.  Just one week after starting.  Yay!

Wanna hear something weird.  My old boyfriend works for ABC Company.  When I went to work at the last title company (the one in the building where I used to work a few years ago) I was right around the corner from my ex’s work in Columbia.  SO now I am working in Baltimore City.  I was way early for work today so I was driving around talking to Nikki.  We all park in rows behind the building and I didn’t want to be blocked with another car behind me so I was wasting some time driving around the block.   I kept seeing a billboard for ABC Company.  I thought how weird that they are advertising so far away from Columbia.  Well then I remembered they have a Baltimore City office and that is what this was (the billboard is on the side of their building).  So I move about 15 miles from my old job and I am still on the same street as ABC Company!  Weird huh! 


New Job, New Job

Well last night was great at my new job.  I really liked it.  I really think it is something I can do and do well.  The manager was great and the other photographer was pretty nice.  They started teaching me what is and what isn’t allowed.  There is alot more to it then I ever knew.  The only bad part was IT IS SO FREAKING HOT in the store I almost melted!  I am going back tonight.  Actually all this week.  I am hoping to learn a whole lot.

Another new job!  A week or so ago I went on an interview for a law firm in Baltimore.  It is a very upstanding law firm that is well known in the industry.  There was a test and an interview and it was a pretty big deal.  I got the call yesterday and they made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse.  It doesn’t have as much vacation time as I would like, but the pay is great and the benefits are even better!  They are a very family oriented company and I have already told them I will need the 2 weeks off in November and they are fine with it. 

I start at the new Job November 5 so I am trying to see if Pete can take off on November 2 and us go away for the weekend!  I am seeing a Bed and Breakfast with our names on it!  Hey we need to celebrate!

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