The Wedding Planning Is On!


April 21, 2008

I posted lots of pictures of our honeymoon hotel up on Flickr. Check them out here! I am so excited to be staying here.

Animal Kingdom Lodge

Pete and I were talking during our drives back and forth to DC this weekend about how happy we are that we are Honeymooning in Walt Disney World. I was a bit worried since I love it so much. I didn’t want Pete to miss out on a Honeymoon he really wanted. This weekend he assured me that he wouldn’t want to Honeymoon anywhere else. Sure there are beaches in Mexico and Hawaii and California; there are islands in the Bahamas and the Caribbean, but after two or three days the beach can get boring. We can’t afford a world tour to like Paris or Germany, so that is out. In Disney World we will have days full of fun. There are rides, shows, 5 start dining, tons of entertainment, night clubs, comedy clubs, exquisite resorts. Seriously could you ask for more! I think not!

February 11, 2008

On Saturday Pete and I went to brunch at Mimi’s Cafe and then we took the long drive to Washington DC to take my Engagement Ring to the Jeweler. I was very sad about this, but I did not want any of my stones to fall out. Once we got there they told me they would need to ship the ring to their headquarters in CALIFORNIA! This was horrible news. The lady seen the sadness in my face and suggested they see what their on-site jeweler could do. She came back over to me and told me that he could fix it and it would be done by 4:15pm that day! ahhh….That made me feel so much better. As she was writing up the slip she told me he would need to change the triangles to circles. NOOO!!!!! That will ruin the design. Ring RepairSo she tore up the slip and told me they would need to send it to California. I teared up a bit but told her ok. Then she told me it would be 6-8 week! I said NO WAY! Then the manager came over and told me it would only be 2-3 weeks. I asked for a loner (I was just joking) and Pete walked away. I embarrass him so much some times. So my ring is GONE! I asked the lady all about what will happen if it gets lost (it is one of a kind) and she told me Corporate would be forced to redesign it exactly. Thank god!

In better wedding planning news……I got the Crystal Designs to make my shirts for the girls in the wedding party!
Crystals for Shirts

They are going to look so good. I ordered all the shirts and they should be in this week!

I also contacted the florist about my 2nd wedding bouquet. I am going to need two. One for the wedding on the ship and one for the pictures off of the ship. You can’t take plant life off of the ship. I got a pretty good quote of $250 which will include my Bouquet and Pete’s boutonniere Here is the description that the florist and I worked out.

“Bridal Bouquet with white roses, white stephanotis, a few hot pink roses – extra large – say 40 roses? We would stem wrap with pearl inserts (Mickey style). The boutonniere would be a Hot Pink Rose and stephanotis.

It will look a bit like this colorwise:


With the Stephanotis like this:


and like this:


and the stems like this:


January 26, 2008



Yup you heard right! I not only own a wedding dress, but I have it in my possession! Well actually it is at Laura’s so Pete doesn’t see it. It is still the best dress ever! Crystal and Laura liked it lots! We also looked for bridesmaides dresses. It is so hard to find bridesmaids dresses. I don’t want them to be too young looking, I don’t want them to look bad on any of my girls, I want them casual and I also don’t want them to cost and arm and a leg!

Checking out!Dress in a Bag

Here I am checking out at the store and here is my dress all bagged up!

Me and Diana

This is Diana, she was a great help! She helped me both weeks I was there. Yesterday she hooked me up with a free garment bag and Tiara. I am selling the tiara on ebay since I already have the perfect one, but it was still super nice of her! 😉 I had to ask for a picture with her since I was just so excited.

It will need to be altered still. It is a bit big and needs to be steamed to get rid of all of the wrinkles! I can not wait to try it on again. Next time with the viel and Tiara and Jewlery! Ohhh! I.AM.GETTING.MARRIED!

Here are a few more Wedding Dress Pictures.




The Rest are HERE!

January 19, 2008

Today Nikki and I went on a whirlwind dress mission! We hit five stores in 6 hours. I tried on about 20 – 25 dresses! We found some that were horridly ugly:

Ugly Dress

We also found some that were nice, but just were not “IT”:


Then we found “THE DRESS”! I love it soo much. It looks like it was made for me. It is just perfect for my beach wedding. There was only one little problem. It was the only one! I will have to buy it off of the rack! It is discontinued and they can no longer order it. It is of course at an awesome reduced rate! Another good thing is that it is only slightly too big. Of course it will require alterations, but it was made for me. I am so happy! My Dad is going to buy it for me on Monday!


January 16, 2008

This is what the front of the Mickey Mouse wedding programs will look like. I am soo oexcited about them. I will tie them off with a Pink bow and stick them in the sand! It is going to be so awesome!

Mickey Head3

Here is the back of the wedding program fans. I can not finish them until Pete’s groomsmen book thier cruise. I am not trying to have to redo them. I think they turned out wonderful!

Mickey Head1

January 14, 2008

I found these online. When I called to get a quote I was quoted $600 for 50 of them! $600!!!! Hell no! So after talking to Nikki & Crystal we decided we can do this! Crystal made the pattern up and we printed out a test program. PERFECT! I have ordered the sticks from Craft Etc. Soon as Pete’s friend gets his cruise booked I can print these out and we can start putting them together!

December 12, 2007

I have found a new Wedding dress designer that I am loving right now! So now I have a whole new list of favorites. Which on do you guys like the best? If you click on the links you can see the backs of the dresses!

Dress One – Alfred Angelo 1803

AA 1803

Dress Two – Bonny 1712

1712 Bonny

Dress Three – Bonny 430

430 Bonny

Dress Four – Bonny 1711 (with short sleeves)

1711 Bonny

Dress Five – Bonny 1714

1714 Bonny

Dress Six – Bonny 1619 (with sheer cap sleeves)

1619 Bonny

Dress Seven – Bonny 1802

1802 Bonny

December 10, 2007


I am planning on doing my own makeup for the wedding. The wedding will be early and I don’t want to have to worry about getting to the salon before the wedding. Part of the “Make-up” plan is false eyelashes. I want to make sure I know how to do it and do it well so I bought some at the store and I have been practising! I practiced yesterday and I think that they turned out pretty good! What do you think?

December 6, 2007

Pete and I are going to have a great honeymoon! We have been talking about it and we are going to stay somewhere good. We can’t decide. The choices are Animal Kingdom Lodge; the Wilderness Lodge; Saratoga Springs Resort or the Polynesian Resort . We are so torn! We can not book until April, at 7 months out so I have all this long time to ponder over which resort! They are all around the same price so that’s not the issue. There will also be availability to consider since they are all popular resorts! Which one would get your vote?


November 9, 2007

We have recieved a lot of possitive feedback about our wedding plans.  I think we are going to have between 30-50 people on our cruise wedding.  How wonderful is that going to be!  Pete came up with a great Idea, we are going to give out laynards and pins to all the kids there so we can start them on the fun that is pin collecting.  Pin collecting is a BIG thing in Walt Disney World.  Pete and I got bit by the Pin bug on our last trip.  LOL  It is alot of fun!

I hope that everyone has a great time cruising with us.  Here is a Link to a wedding on the beach and a link to thier reception on the ship.  Look at that cake!  I am sooo excited!


November 1, 2007

Invitations are in the mail. Finally! Yesterday after I took Pete to work I went to the post office to stamp and mail our wedding Invitations. The bill at the post office was $96.00!!! Good lord! I had three differant groups to send out. One group cost $5-$7 to send out. There were only 2 of them. They had extras inside. Then there was a group that used 6 stamps each. There were maybe 10 of these. Then there was like 40-45 that required 5 stamps each. I could have had the post office weigh them all and stamp them, but I wanted to use Disney Stamps to add to the cuteness of the envelope design!

These are all of the invitations in the back seat of our car!


The Post Office
Post Office

The Mailing


I added stickers to the outside of the envelopes. I also used up the last of the Lisa & Pete picture return address labels. There are like 5 that have regular non picture return address labels! I didn’t want to wait for a new order to come in. I am so glad these are finally out! Now I hope the calls start for people to finish up their bookings. I am thinking we will book atleast another 5 or 6 cabins!

October 30, 2007

After going back and forth with the designers I have come up with a design for the Beach Towels that Pete and I want to give as wedding favors to the guest on the cruise ship.  We found a site to get them embroidered.  So do you like it??


October 27, 2007

So I emailed my four top girls (aka my bridesmaids) about the dress situation. Of course I got a split decision back from them. Nikki and Shannon for Black and Crystal and Laura for the tropical print. So it was left up to me anyway! I am going to go with the black. I am 99.99% sure. I was thinking about the guys, Ryleah and Dakoda. It will be too hard to match the tropical. The shirts I like for the guys will not match the tropical print. Here is a picture of the shirts for the guys. I am thinking the Green color. Pete already has his in the cream color.


It is going to be so Pretty. I am also 99.99% sure these are the flowers I am going to pick for the girls to carry.


Well I am going to get off here and go make some coffee. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

October 25, 2007

I found the prefect casual flower girl dress for Ryleah to wear in the wedding.


Isn’t it GREAT! It is dainty and casual all at the same time! Nikki is ordering it. I offered to get it for her though. It is a steal, and end of season sale. We got it a size bigger and hope she will fit in it. If not we will need to find a new dress. I think it will be fine though! I love it. One dress down 5 more to go!

October 24, 2007


So since I am having an official Disney Fairytale Wedding. I want to add some Disney Fairytale Touches to it. I want this hidden Mickey in my flowers.


Also I wasn’t thinking Roses, I was leaning towards the tropical Flowers. Then I seen this:


Look at those hidden Mickey’s! I know it cost extra for them, I asked my wedding planner. How cute are they though. They will be totally hidden to the naked eye!

I also got something else all booked. I have let a few of you in on the secret, but don’t want to make it really public until after the wedding! It is BIG though. Atleast for me.

I love dealing with the Disney Wedding Planner. She is very good. The whole department is. They are really making this easy. I can not wait until this wedding. It is going to be so magical. It is two whole weeks of fun! We have the cruise, then the Disneymoon, and then the party here.

I have to go to the post office tomorrow. Hopefully it wont be raining. I am dreading seeing the postage on these invasions. I can’t wait for people to get them though. I posted on on the Wedding Planning Page. Check it out!

October 11, 2006

I think I have picked what flowers my girls are going to carry in the wedding, now I have to pick mine. Here are some of my choices. Which one do you guys like?

Wedding FlowersWedding FlowersWedding FlowersWedding Flowers

I have been filling out all of the paper work for the wedding. It is so exciting. I have never filled out a mariage license before! It’s funny we needed to fill out two, one for Florida and one for the Bahamas. Well in the Bahamas you need to list your status. My choices were Spinster, Divorcee, or Widow. LOL I guess I am a Spinster! LOL

October 10, 2007

Pete and I did alot of final planing and talking while spending 12 hours in the car driving back and forth between Mexico and Tucson.  After talking to my Dad last night I got the go ahead to start the planning (and paying for) of the wedding!


Pete and I are going to be married on Castaway Cay, the private island owned by the Disney Cruise line.  We will be married on the beach in the morning on November 4!  I am so excited.  I just got off the phone with my Disney Wedding Cordinator.  She is just the sweetest lady!  We got it all set up and also set up my group number.  The cool part is with me being a Travel Agent I get to handle all of our friends and family’s bookings!  I set up a web site to list all of the information.


The wedding is going to be so beautiful!  I can not wait.  If you click here you can see some of the pictures from Erin’s wedding.  I have been talking to her through email and she loved her Disney Cruise Wedding!

I am hoping that all of my friends and family can make it!  I know my BFF’s will be there and both of our parents and sisters.  I am excited to get planning all of the details!  Let me know if you want to take a Disney Cruise in November…I know a great week!  LOL

October 16, 2007

This wedding stuff is so much fun! I have been moving full speed ahead getting everything together. We are hoping to get all of our invitation packets out this weekend. I have been working on them! Last night I finished the design for the actual formal invitation. I need to have them printed this week. If you wanna see it let me know, I’ll email it to you. I don’t want to post it on here. Oh I can make it a private entry! Anyway it turned out really good, I am very happy with it. In the packets I am also including passport information, a letter that Pete and I wrote, information on pricing and information on the ship. I still have some supplies to get to make it disney-fied. It is going to be so wonderful.

Now my next dilemma….Dresses, not mine, I have mine picked out and I will be ordering it next week I hope. My Bridesmaid dresses. Since the wedding will be on the beach we are definitely forgoing the long ballroomy dresses (although I love them) and since my bridesmaids (I love you guys) will be paying lots of money to stand by me and support me I don’t want them to have to put out alot of money. I have two options on the table and I am wondering what the general public thinks.

Option 1……..

Each girl picks out their own knee to tee length dress in black. They will all be comfortable in them and like them and be able to wear them again. If we go with this option the guys will wear black and white Hawaiian shirts and black pants or shorts (haven’t decided). It will look like this picture from the Mexico wedding we went to.

Mexico ~ Day 2 ~ October 2007


Option Two…….

I found these dresses on line and love them. They would be in the design I like, but each girl could pick the style of dress she likes. If we go with this option the guys will wear tan pants or shorts and a solid color camp type shirt.


Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invite!

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  1. Shannon Says:

    hey, do I need a password for the pete & lisa site? can’t get in!

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  3. fourstone Says:

    The dress is beautiful, Lisa! And you are looking great!!

  4. Amanda Batchelor Says:

    The dress is beautiful Lisa! I love all the special touches, very unique and beautiful!

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